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With the Government of Canada introducing legislation to legalize cannabis in 2017 and the Government of Alberta in 2018, municipalities across the country have been working hard to develop bylaws to regulate the use and sale of cannabis and cannabis related products in their community. In order to gain a better understanding of how the legalization of cannabis will affect Devon, the Town has spent hours doing research, been involved in continuous conversations with all its neighbouring communities and engaged Devon residents through a Land Use Bylaw Open House and survey.

Opening a cannabis retail business in Devon 

On June 11, 2018, Devon administration presented to Council for approval, amendments to the Town’s Land Use Bylaw, with recommendations on process and where cannabis can be sold in Devon. The following represent the guidelines for Cannabis retail sales. Retail locations must be;

  • 100 metres from schools & hospital property lines
  • 100 metres from any playground structure
  • 100 metres from the front door of any daycares

The following maps represent the commercial zones where cannabis retail will be permitted:

Devon Cannabis Zone Maps

Permits and Licensing

The following permits and licenses must be obtained prior to opening a cannabis retail store. Approvals of cannabis retail locations will be on a first come first served basis. The Town’s permit and licensing processes are interdependent with the AGLC Cannabis Store Licence process. To secure your location, refer to the diagram below to understand what you need to be considered and ultimately approved to open a retail location in Devon.


             permit hiearchy

  1. Development Permit

A development permit is required to approve the proposed use and ensure it meets the requirements of the town’s Land Use Bylaw, Which includes the areas where cannabis retail will be allowed in Devon. The AGLC requires development permit approval from the town prior to issuance of an AGLC Cannabis Store license.

  1. Building Permit

A building permit is required for a business that is changing occupancies of a building or for structural changes. A determination regarding whether a building permit is required will be communicated to an applicant during the development permit review. Additional information may be requested. To obtain a building permit, a completed building permit application must be submitted, along with specified plans and fees.

  1. Business Licence

A Town of Devon business licence is required for every business operating in the town. Application for a business licence may occur upon approval of a development permit, and is issued after all permits and licences are received. The town will issue a business licence and send it directly to the AGLC, which will provide a hard copy to the applicant of the municipal business licence upon pick-up of the AGLC Cannabis Store Licence.

For information on opening a cannabis retail store in Devon, please contact:

Patricia Nicol - Business Development 

Marilyn McMartin - Land use, Permits and Licensing

Patricia Nicol

Economic Development Officer
Legislative & Protective Services
p: 780-987-8306

Marilyn McMartin

Planning & Development Officer
Planning & Infrastructure 
p: 780.987.8327

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