Wastewater Utility

Wastewater Treatment

This Town of Devon utility consists of 33 kilometres of sanitary sewer mains, two sewage pumping stations and a Class II treatment plant. Current flows treated are in the order of 2,200 cubic metres per day or 809,000 cubic meters per year. About 2,600 tonnes of 6% solids sludge is produced and hauled to a site where it is turned into rich compost.

Sewer Service Installation

New subdivisions Devon are pre-serviced with sanitary sewer to the property line of the lot. In some of the older areas of Devon, services are not pre-installed; you may need to have the Town provide that service, at your cost. For a schedule of charges or for installation requests, contact Publicworks or telephone 780-987-3342.

New Utility Main Policy (for new sewer mains) or Water, Sanitary Sewer & Storm Sewer Services Policy (for new sanitary sewer service connections).

Plugged Sewer?

The Town of Devon owns and operates the sewer system up to your property line; the sewer from the property line to your house is your responsibility. If you are experiencing recurring problems with a plugged sewer and you believe the problem is on Town property, you can view the procedure for investigating and remedying the problem on-line by selecting Sewer Service Maintenance Policy or you can contact Public Works, telephone 780-987-3342.

Utility Billing Inquiries

Utility billing and connects/disconnects are handled by our Finance and Support Services Department, telephone 780-987-8300.

Utility Rate Brochure


The department maintains a 24-hour emergency response system for roadways and utilities (water, drainage, sanitary sewer, natural gas), call: 780-987-3342 and a service operator will respond to your call.

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