Water Utility


Water Supply and Treatment

The water utility serves more than 2,200 homes and businesses within the corporate limits of Devon plus the Sprucedale Water Coop, a group of farm customers between Devon and the International Airport. Water is lifted by submersible pumps from the North Saskatchewan River and treated at a 6,800 cubic metre per day Class III plant. Current annual production is 805,000 cubic metres or an average of 2,200 cubic metres per day.

The Town of Devon fluoridates its drinking water in accordance with its Licence to Operate as issued by Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development (AESRD). For more information, follow these links:

Water Treatment Overview


Water Distribution

Treated water from the water treatment plant flows to a 5 million litre underground concrete storage reservoir on Haven Avenue.  The current water reservoir and distribution system are sized to serve an area which will allow a doubling of the current Town population to an equivalent of about 10,000. The utility looks after some 42 kilometers of water lines in addition to 163 hydrants, 450 valves and over 2,200 customer water meters.

Water meters are tested and refurbished in the meter shop of the Public Works Operations Centre on a seven-year cycle to coincide with the natural gas utility gas meter re-certification program.

Bulk Water Service & Sani-Dump Station

The utility also sells water to commercial haulers from a bulk water station located at 21 Exploration Drive in the Devonian Business Park. These haulers serve mostly the acreage owners in Parkland County north of Devon. Sales volumes from this dispensing station are approaching 90,000 cubic metres per annum. This station is open 24-hours per day, year round.

There are two ways in which the water may be accessed:

Prepaid Account - Recommended for regular users, register with the Town of Devon and be issued an account number with a passcode to access dispensing.  This system has a 4 inch overhead line for top filling. Those with an existing account with our previous system will need to sign up for a brand new account with the new, upgraded system.

Prepaid Account Application Form

Debit/Credit Card Pay - Casual users or those without a Bulk Water Account can still purchase water on the other side with a credt or debit card.

This site also has a two-stall sani-dump complete with tank flush and potable water dispenser  offered at no charge to residents.  This system is seasonal please call Public Works 780-987-3342 for more information.

For more information or to open a pin number account, contact the town office, telephone 780-987-8300.

Meter and Service Installation

New subdivisions in the Town are pre-serviced with a water service and valve to the property line of the lot. In some of the older areas of Devon, services are not pre-installed; you may need to have the Town provide that service, at your cost. For a schedule of charges for installation, select New Utility Main Construction Policy (for new water mains) or Water, Sanitary & Storm Sewer Service Construction Policy (for new water service connections). In all cases, you are responsible (usually done by the builder) for the cost of installing a new water meter in your house or building. For more information, contact Public Works or phone 780-987-3342

Utility Billing Inquiries

Utility billing and connects/disconnects are handled by our Finance and Support Services Department; contact the Town office at 780-987-8300.

Potable Water Quality

Under operating licence from Alberta Environment the Town of Devon treats water to meet the Canada Drinking Water Standards. The Town tests it's water daily and has a full analysis verification of water quality parameters undertaken by an independent laboratory. For a copy of the latest test results, contact Public Works, telephone 780-987-3415.

Current utility rates are shown here: Utility Rate Brochure


The department maintains a 24-hour emergency response system for roadways and utilities (water, drainage, sanitary sewer, natural gas), call: 780-987-3342 and a service operator will respond to your call.

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