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Annexation MapAnnexation Approved: March 27, 2015

The Town of Devon's annexation application for the Leduc County lands on the eastern boundary of Devon has been approved by the Province. Follow this link to Queens Printer: Annexation Approved

This annexation will allow for future residential development and as a natural progression of the proposed South Ravines development. 

What is annexation?

Annexation is the legal process of transferring a smaller or subordinate unit of land to a larger unit. In this case, the Town of Devon requestied the transfer of a small section of Leduc County land to the Town.


The Town of Devon and Leduc County have been in discussion regarding the development of lands east of Devon for some time. Initial planning through the Intermunicipal Development Plan identified the lands for industrial development. After further conversations with landowners, the County and the Town, it was determined that the highest and best use of the land was for residential development with supporting commercial strip along Highway 19.

What process did we go through before receiving approval?

  1. Preliminary discussions
  2. Notice of Intention to Annex – presented at the January 27, 2014 Council Meeting
  3. Negotiations/Mediation
    • Discussions with Leduc County and land owners
    • IDP amendment submitted to Capital Region Board (CRB) - IDP amendment approved by CRB, Oct 20,2014
  4. Report on negotiations is submitted to the Municipal Government Board - submitted Oct 8, 2014
  5. News release: Leduc County and Town of Devon approve joint IDP amendment - March 10, 2015
  6. The Municipal Government Board will review the report and provide recommendations to the Minister of Municipal Affairs and  then to Cabinet.
  7. Cabinet Decision: Annexation approval March 27, 2015

Notice of Intention to Annex Submitted

In January 2014, the Town of Devon provided a Notice of Intention to Annex to Leduc County and began formal negotiations on the annexation. To support the annexation a number of initiatives were undertaken including:

  • Updating of the Intermunicipal Development Plan to identify the proposed annexation area as residential / commercial development as opposed to the industrial development that had been adopted for the area.
  • Identify approximately 300 ha of industrial land, the same as was initially proposed for the annexation area, to south of Highway 19.
  • Development of a Fiscal Impact Analysis to identify the financial impacts of annexation on both the Town and the County, completed by Applications Management Consulting Ltd.
  • A review of population projections and land supply as outlined in the Annexation Report produced by Lovatt Planning Consultants Inc. 
  • Correspondence and consultations with land owners, the public, and local authorities and agencies.
  • Development of an Annexation Agreement with Leduc County.

The Annexation Negotiations Report (6.4 on the 2014-09-22 council meeting agenda) serves to ensure the Municipal Government Board that the Town has undertaken its responsibilities in relation to the annexation requirements of the Municipal Government Act, and has addressed the principles of annexation as outlined by the Municipal Government Board. 

Annexation submitted to Municipal Government Board - October 8, 2014

After nearly one year of working collaboratively, the Town of Devon submitted its annexation application to the Municipal Government Board (MGB), with support from Leduc County. Town of Devon council approved the annexation report and application at its regular council meeting on September 22, and Leduc County council approved the documents at its council meeting on October 7. For more information, please follow these links:

Joint News Release - Devon  Submitting Annexation Application

IDP changes approved by Capital Region Board - October 20, 2014

The administration of the Capital Region Board approved the changes that were made by the Town and the County to the Intermunicipal Development Plan (IDP). The changes include the designating the the lands east of Devon as residential with some commercial along the Highway 19 corridor (these lands are currently designated as industrial). This was an important step that shows our annexation plans for residential development east of us are aligned with the IDP. For more information, see: link to map

Other changes to the IDP include identifying lands south of Highway 19 for industrial development. The lands south of Highway 19 are not included in the annexation, but the change allows industrial development to occur in the County with the Town’s knowledge and consent. The Town and County are working on an agreement that would see cost and revenue sharing for these lands south of Highway 19 and potentially the provision of Town water and sanitary services. These conversations are ongoing at this time. 

Frequently Asked Question

Q: The Town of Devon already annexed land west of Highway 60 in 2006 and nothing has been done with this land.  Why are you annexing more?

A: Devon is naturally growing toward the east and that is where the opportunity is. Qualico Land Developments will be developing the South Ravines residential area.

The Town did annex lands to the west of Highway 60 in 2006, but the impact the highway realignment will have on Devon remains uncertain.

Q: What is the timeline for annexation?

A: There is no set timelines, but the entire annexation process could take up to two years or more.

Q: What is the Municipal Government Board?

A: The Municipal Government Board (MGB) is an independent and impartial quasi-judicial board established under the Municipal Government Act to make decisions about land planning and assessment matters.

Q: Who makes the final decision?

A: The MGB will prepare a report and make recommendations on the proposed annexation that will be forwarded to the Minister of Municipal Affairs and then to the Provincial Cabinet for the final decision.

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