Council Meeting Agendas

Council Meeting Dates

Regular Council meetings are open to the public, and take place at 7 pm, on the second and fourth Mondays of each month (or Tuesdays when the Monday is a statutory holiday). In July, August and December there is only one regular Council meeting that takes place on the second Monday of the month. Public presentations take place at regular council meetings.

Council Committee of the Whole meetings take place at 7 pm on the first Thursday of the month. There are no public presentations at Committee of the Whole meetings.

Presentations to Council

Council encourages all citizens to share their thoughts and information. There is an opportunity to address Council during the scheduled / unscheduled delegations portion of the regular Council meeting. It is recommended that you discuss your concerns with administration before appearing before council, as many concerns can be resolved at the administration level. Town staff can provide valuable background information and recommend appropriate next steps or contact information.

For more information, please contact Melanie Crothers, executive assistant at P: 780.987.8310 or E:

Requesting an Appearance Before Council

To appear as a scheduled delegation at a regular Council meeting, you must submit a written request via email, fax or regular mail, addressed to Mayor and Council, Town of Devon, 1 Columbia Ave W, Devon, AB T9G 1A1 or contact Melanie Crothers, executive assistant to Mayor and Council, P: 780.987.8310 F: 780.987.4431 or E:

Written requests must be received at least two weeks prior to the Council meeting that you wish to attend to allow administration to conduct any background research. 

Your letter must include:

  1. The name and contact information for the designated presenter(s).
  2. The preferred Council meeting date, as well as two alternate meeting dates (see above). 
  3. The subject matter or concerns that you wish to present.
  4. Any relevant background information.

Scheduled delegations have 15 minutes to present, including questions and answers. Staff will contact you to confirm your spot on the agenda and the length of your presentation. Please be aware that we will do our best to accommodate your request in a timely manner, but as there is usually only one scheduled delegation per meeting, your first meeting date choice may not be possible.

Please note that all written submissions and accompanying documents are included in the regular agenda package that is published on the website and available in print form at the town office.

Unscheduled delegations have 3 minutes to present, and although we encourage unscheduled delegations to notify staff beforehand, this is not mandatory. 

Agenda Packages

Agenda packages are posted on the Friday prior to the council meeting. They are titled here by year-month-day.

Please note: due to large file size, some agendas may take several minutes to load.

Council Agendas

 Title Size
2017-06-26 Council AgendaDownload9.88 MB
2017-06-12 Council AgendaDownload1.28 MB
2017-05-23 Council AgendaDownload16.44 MB
2017-05-08 Council AgendaDownload3.67 MB
2017-05-04 Council COW AgendaDownload741.19 KB
2017-04-24 Council AgendaDownload21.70 MB
2017-04-10 Council AgendaDownload2.78 MB
2017-04-06 Council COW AgendaDownload3.85 MB
2017-03-27 Council AgendaDownload1.20 MB
2017-03-13 Council AgendaDownload5.15 MB
2017-03-02 Council COW AgendaDownload2.32 MB
2017-02-27 Council AgendaDownload19.32 MB
2017-02-13 Council AgendaDownload7.03 MB
2017-02-02 Council COW Agenda Download318.89 KB
2017-01-23 Council AgendaDownload7.16 MB
2017-01-12 COW AgendaDownload1.79 MB
2017-01-09 Council AgendaDownload5.78 MB
2016-12-12 Council AgendaDownload4.50 MB
2016-12-01 COW AgendaDownload10.22 MB
2016-11-28 Council AgendaDownload26.29 MB
2016-11-25 2017 Operating Budget Download7.73 MB
2016-11-14 Council Agenda Download1.52 MB
2016-11-03 COW AgendaDownload760.45 KB
2016-10-24 Council Organizational AgendaDownload197.47 KB
2016-10-24 Council Agenda Download4.04 MB
2016-10-11 Council AgendaDownload4.51 MB
2016-09-26 Council AgendaDownload2.41 MB
2016-09-12 Council COW AgendaDownload3.38 MB
2016-09-12 Council AgendaDownload20.98 MB
2016-08-08 Council AgendaDownload5.42 MB
2016-08-04 Council COW AgendaDownload1.22 MB
2016-07-11 Council AgendaDownload1.32 MB
2016-06-27 Council AgendaDownload1.38 MB
2016-06-13 Council AgendaDownload3.37 MB
2016-05-24 Council AgendaDownload6.42 MB
2016-05-09 Council AgendaDownload5.94 MB
2016-05-05 Council COW AgendaDownload2.01 MB
2016-05-04 Council COW AgendaDownload2.23 MB
2016-04-25 Council AgendaDownload2.38 MB
2016-04-14 Council COW AgendaDownload1.19 MB
2016-04-11 Council AgendaDownload16.92 MB

Council Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes Pending
Council meeting minutes are approved at the following council meeting and then posted on-line. They are titled by year-month-day. Council meeting minutes are displayed for the past year, for older copies please contact Melanie Crothers, executive assistant to Mayor and Council, P: 780.987.8310 F: 780.987.4431 or E:

 Title Size
2017-05-08 Council MinutesDownload150.72 KB
2017-04-27 Council MinutesDownload168.21 KB
2017-04-10 Council MinutesDownload163.08 KB
2017-03-27 Council MinutesDownload141.78 KB
2017-03-03 Council Minutes Download144.71 KB
2017-02-27 Council MinutesDownload167.52 KB
2017-02-13 Council Minutes Download160.29 KB
2017-01-23 Council Minutes Download144.13 KB
2017-01-09 Council Minutes Download143.97 KB
2016-12-12 Council Minutes Download183.17 KB
2016-11-28 Council Minutes Download151.00 KB
2016-11-25 Council 2017 Budget Minutes Download149.58 KB
2016-11-14 Council Minutes Download141.95 KB
2016-10-24b Council Minutes Download147.47 KB
2016-10-24a Council Organizational MinutesDownload129.46 KB
2016-10-11 Council Minutes Download137.25 KB
2016-09-26 Council Minutes Download148.11 KB
2016-09-12 Council Minutes Download157.41 KB
2016-08-08 Council Minutes Download173.16 KB
2016-07-11 Council Minutes Download141.35 KB
2016-06-27 Council Minutes Download158.23 KB
2016-06-13 Council Minutes Download162.87 KB
2016-05-24 Council Minutes Download212.40 KB
2016-05-09 Council Minutes Download132.26 KB
2016-04-25 Council Minutes Download154.82 KB
2016-04-11 Council MinutesDownload159.14 KB
2016-03-29 Council MinutesDownload163.41 KB
2016-03-14 Council MinutesDownload150.41 KB
2016-02-22 Council MinutesDownload169.73 KB
2016-02-08 Council MinutesDownload148.26 KB
2016-01-25 Council MinutesDownload153.16 KB
2016-01-11 Council MinutesDownload154.27 KB
2015-12-21 Special Council Minutes Download119.34 KB
2015-12-14 Council MinutesDownload162.69 KB

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