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Plans and reports that have been approved by Town of Devon Council are found here and on our Online Services > Documents page.

For more information or to request a paper copy, you can email: or Phone: 780-987-8310.

Plans and Reports

Accessibility Study    

The Canadian Paraplegic Association conducted an accessibility study for the Town of Devon. Council discussed the report at the September 24, 2012 council meeting. Administration was directed to provide an implementation plan and a reporting mechanism.

The Town of Devon is looking forward to becoming a more accessible community. To read the full report, please follow this link.

View Report


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Battery Creek Area Structure Plan    

The Battery Creek Area Structure Plan (ASP) was adopted August 14, 2017

Battery Creek ASP Animation Video 


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Communications Plan    

This plan focuses on building relationships with main target groups through sustainable and timely communication. It emphasizes the municipality’s commitment to open, two-way dialogue, listening to the community and all staff working collaboratively to engage citizens. The Communications Plan directly reflects Council’s vision and mission and will be revised annually to ensure alignment with Council’s strategic priorities.

Please follow this link to download a copy of Devon's Communication Plan

The guiding principles, objectives and actions contained in this plan were developed through input from:

  • The 2013 - 2014 Communication Audit that included focus groups with external stakeholders, a random telephone survey of 200 Devon residents, an online survey of all staff, and 10 in-depth interviews with the Mayor, members of Council,  and members of Administration.
  • Staff workshops designed to build a shared understanding of the audit results and prioritize outcomes/goals.
  • Council planning sessions designed to clarify council's vision, mission, strategic priorities, and communication expectations and needs. 

The result is a Communication Plan that integrates feedback from the community, council and staff.  It establishes the foundation for an organizational culture that is committed to listening and responding to citizens and an organization where staff are knowledgeable, accountable, aware of their responsibilities and supported in their roles. 


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Communities in Bloom Profile Book    

The Devon Communities in Bloom is a local group committed to fostering civic pride, environmental responsibility and beautification through community involvement. The 2019 Devon Profile Book describes activities of community groups, the municipality and businesses/institutions in the areas of

  • Environmental Action
  • Heritage Conservation
  • Urban Forestry
  • Landscape,
  • Tidiness
  • Floral Displays

More Information

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Community Engagement Framework    

Effective community engagement is becoming an integral component in how local governments conduct their affairs and it is now seen as a cornerstone of good governance. It serves both the municipality and community members to have policies, programs and services that reflect the expressed needs of the public. Undoubtedly, the work of the municipality is more acceptable to citizens if community engagement processes have been part of the overall decision making process.

Community engagement can provide insight and enhance knowledge, skills and resources, thus building the capacities of both community members and the local government to meet more complex challenges of the future.

The Town of Devon’s Community Engagement Framework contains theoretical, conceptual, and practical (how to) components intended to inform community engagement processes to be undertaken between the municipality and the community at large. 

View or download a copy of Devon's Community Engagement Framework.

Framework Pages 


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Devon Economic Development Action Plan    

The discovery of oil and the subsequent oil and gas rush of Alberta literally put Devon on the map in 19471. More than a half century later, Devon again seems poised to remain a leader in the Province, with a strong commitment launched in 2015 to be Alberta’s first net-carbon-neutral community by 2050. Historical industry growth and development of different sectors has traditionally centred on Devon’s strengths in the oil and gas sector, but at its core is a strong and growing knowledge sector, representing the key to the future.

While Devon provides a range of services to its residents and the surrounding rural community, its commercial sectors have faced challenges from south Edmonton and Leduc, which have larger retail shopping opportunities. The industrial sector has also grown to its capacity, and the town faces challenges from existing business parks in Nisku and Acheson.

In thinking of community development, Devon has adopted a ‘slow and steady’ approach, with Council now exploring future residential and local commercial opportunities at the east end of the community. At the same time, interest has been expressed to increase the supply of industrial land, possibly to the west of Highway 60.

See the full Town of Devon Economic Development Action Plan here.

More Information

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Devon Enforcement Services Strategic Plan    

2017 - 2020

The Community Peace Officers (CPO) Enforcement Services Strategic Plan is developed every three years formalizing the enforcement priorities and identifying and supporting the delivery of the services for municipality.

This plan provides the description of the enforcement objectives, services, active priorities, and ties them all to the mission and values of the municipality and the vision of the enforcement services team. Together, these objectives will fulfill the Municipal Enforcement Mandate that Council and Provincial regulations set out for the peace officer requirements and the municipal sustainability planning.

To download the plan, follow this link: Municipal Enforcement Plan

Traffic Safety Plan

The Town of Devon Traffic Safety Plan was first introduced in 2008 to encompass a strategic outlook to
traffic safety. This Plan provides guidance to local law enforcement partners in implementing a coordinated enforcement effort toward achieving a reduction in the number of collisions, death and injuries in our Community. Overall since the implementation of Traffic Safety Plans in the province, the number of collision, deaths and injuries on Alberta’s roads has declined considerably.

To build upon these traffic safety improvements, the 2014-2016 plan was created. It supported the Alberta Traffic Safety Plan 2015 and use of a Safer System Approach, which aims to encourage safer drivers, safer vehicles and safer roads. To build upon this Traffic Safety continuum we are introducing Vision Zero for the (2017-2020) Traffic Safety Plan. Priorities are addressed using several core strategies including education and communication, new technologies in relation to automated enforcement. Local enforcement initiatives executed in partnership of the RCMP and the Community Peace Officers following the Provincial Traffic Safety Calendar.

For more information, please follow this link: Traffic Safety Plan


Peace Officers


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Devon Greenhouse Gas Inventory Report    

The inventory helps a municipality track which sectors use the most energy and emit the most GHG emissions, while indicating where to focus and prioritize reduction efforts. An inventory also helps municipalities track where money is being spent on energy, potentially revealing cost savings opportunities. Additionally, the inventory provides a starting point from which progress can be measured, helping track the effectiveness of a GHG emission and energy efficiency plan. The quantification of GHG emissions, along with the demonstrated commitment and planning towards GHG reductions can also allow a municipality access to provincial and federal funding opportunities.

More Information

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Devon Waste Audit Report    

S-Cubed Environmental was retained by the Town of Devon (Town) to determine the composition of the Town’s solid waste streams from the residential sector. The waste audit was conducted May 29 and 30, 2018. The previous waste audit was conducted in June 2012.

At that time the Town provided curbside garbage and recycling collection year-round (carts and bags, respectively) and yard waste collection for six months using bags. Since then, the Town of Devon has grown to around 2500 household of which 2,159 receive curbside collection yearround for all solid waste streams; recycling (blue bag), organics (green cart) and garbage (black cart). Waste collection services are provided weekly, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and all solid waste streams are collected on the same day. The Town has operated a Recycling Depot for many years, which is utilized by residents from Town and from the surrounding County for a wide range of materials.

Read the 2018 Devon Waste Audit Report here.

More Information

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Downtown Vitalization Plan    

The Downtown area in Devon is and will always be the heart of the community.  In 2010, Town Council accepted a plan that provides guidance and a vision to create a space that will define community and set the stage for growth and development.

The Downtown Vitalization Plan is a document created by a dedicated group of businesses, community volunteers and Municipal Staff who wanted to bring their vision together. The plan focuses on such objectives as:

  • Establishing downtown as the key commercial/mixed use community service centre - hence the "heart" of Devon
  • Provide opportunities for increased residential development
  • To provide opportunities for sustainable development in all aspects of development to lessen the ecological footprint of the area
  • To build on the natural aspects of the River Valley and major amenities such as Voyageur Park
  • To identify streetscaping concepts
  • To prioritize the pedestrian and bicycle by providing connections and linkages to various areas of Town
  • Provide a realistic implementation program to assist Council, administration, businesses, land owners and residents

 Since accepting the plan, the Town of Devon has been working through the implementation of many initiatives.  As of June 2011, successful projects were either completed or are being explored and scheduled.  These projects include:

  • Completed the landscaping improvements to the Municipal Office
  • Aesthetic improvements and signage at the Recycling Depot
  • Downtown parking lot improvements started and will continue throughout the summer of 2011
  • Removal of dated oil derrick signage on main street - the Town is working with the Chamber of Commerce to remove the signs and explore an alternate source of revenue for the organization.
  • Removal of dated notice boards - scheduled to be complete in summer of 2011
  • Replacement of "Welcome to Devon" sign - this is a part of the Brand Graphics Package that is being developed as part of Bike Town AB - a new sign should be in the design phase by late June of 2011.
  • Streets and back lane clean up - at this time a number of cost estimates and feasibility studies are being undertaken to identify priory areas in the downtown.
  • Continue the hanging basket program
  • Detailed inventory of heritage sites and a historical tour program
  •  Way finding signage and banners - this is part of the Brand Graphics Package that is being developed for our new Bike Town Brand
  • Tree planting program - there will be a significant number of trees planted along Superior Street as idenitified in the plan
  • Installation of street furniture throughout the Downtown - this is also a part of the Brand Graphics Packge which will be complete mid summer of 2011

The Downtown Vitalization Plan is very much a priority for Town Council and Administration. Every step is being taken and all initiatives within the plan are being considered for all new and ongoing projects.

If you have questions or would like further information about the Downtown Vitalization Program, we invite you to contact us at your convenience. We will continue to post progress reports and keep you informed on all upcoming or future downtown projects.


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Facility Development Plan    

The purpose of the updated Facility Development Plan is to provide a blueprint of municipal facility growth. This plan will identify the facility type, projected timing for its expansion or new construction and the estimated capital costs (in 2011$). The Facility Development Plan is divided into two studies: the Feasibility Study for the range of municipal facilities and then the Business Case for a future multi-use facility within the Town.

More Information

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Integrated Community Sustainability Plan    

The Integrated Community Sustainability Plan (ICSP) was adopted April 24, 2017.


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Integrated Pest Management Plan    

The Town of Devon (the Town) manages natural areas, including sports fields, roadway green space, decorative parks, and natural environment parks.

Each year, the Town also inspects and assumes responsibility for managing newly acquired property such as the recently annexed land. In the past, the Town has used varied pest control techniques, and Town Administration recognized the need for a formal policy and set of procedures for Town-wide use to control pests. An integrated pest management (IPM) Plan is a living document that acts as a foundation for current operational, planning, and technical pest control activities; but as a living document, it requires ongoing development and refinement

This IPM Plan is intended to have numerous functions:

  • to ensure public accountability for pesticide use
  • to comply with all pertinent laws, regulations, bylaws, and policies regarding the use of pesticides on lands for which the Town is responsible
  • to promote ecologically sound pest management principles, concepts, and techniques in the design and implementation of development projects on public lands
  • to develop and promote opportunities for public education and information regarding environmentally sound methods of pest management
  • to train staff who develop and implement the Town’s IPM Plan
  • to promote long-term, cost-effective management of pests

The IPM Plan provides detailed information on how to prevent and manage pests on lands within the Town.

Click here to see the full Integrated Pest Management Plan.

More Information

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Inter-Municipal Development Plan    

The approved Town of Devon and Leduc County Inter-Municipal Development Plan may be viewed by following the below link:

Inter-Municipal Development Plan

In 2006, Town of Devon Council approved a Municipal Develop Plan. For copies of the plan, please contact the our Planning and Developmen Department at 780-987-8327.

Proposed IDP Amendment

Please note: the Town of Devon's proposed annexation of Leduc County lands requires an amendment to the Inter-Municipal Development Plan. This proposed amendment is available by following this link: Annexation


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Juniper Ridge Area Structure Plan    

This proposed Area Structure Plan (“Juniper Ridge ASP’) is located west of Highway 60, within lands recently annexed from the County of Parkland. These lands are part of the Town’s urban expansion area as identified in Devon’s Municipal Development Plan, The development of the proposed Juniper Ridge neighbourhood is the first area of the Town’s growth to occur west of the existing Highway 60. The requirement to prepare an Area Structure Plan as an integral part of the hierarchy of statutory planning documents comes both from the Province’s Municipal Government Act, RSA 2000, Chapter M-26 and Devon Town Council.

View the Juniper Ridge Area Structure Plan here.

More Information

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Multi Modal Transportation Study    


ISL Engineering was retained to conduct a Multi Modal Transportation Study for Devon. The focus of the study was to review all modes of transportation including roadways, pathways, sidewalks, crosswalks, pedestrians, vehicles and bicycles to look at improvements that would benefit the entire community including: future traffic needs, downtown parking requirements, bike routes, pedestrian routes, intersection improvements and traffic speed zone reductions.

The report is summarized in the Power Point that was presented to council on August 12, 2013: Multi Modal Transportation Presentation

The full report posted here. This large document may take some time to download: Multi Modal Transportation Study

Multi Modal Transportation Implementation - $189,000

In the 2014 Capital Budget the following projects are approved by Council:

  • Install a four-way stop at the Miquelon Avenue and Erie Street South intersection with dedicated east bound right hand turning lane.
  • Install a solar crosswalk at Erie Street South and St. Lawrence Avenue
  • Install a four-way stop at the Michigan and Miquelon intersection
  • Install 4 minor solar pedestrian crossings – ISL Engineering is studying locations; more information will be provided for future discussion.
  • Preliminary design for highway intersections at St. Lawrence Avenue/Highway 60 and Miquelon Avenue/Highway 60
  • Birchwood 30km/hour pilot project
  • Construct curb extensions between buses for crosswalks at Riverview Middle School as recommended by ISL Engineering – preliminary design phase in 2014
  • Note: Council was not in support of the overhead pedestrian crossing. Council recommended reallocating project funds to complete the above projects with any remaining funds directed to mobility restrict parking and accessibility improvements.

For more information, please contact Planning and Infrastructure at P: 780.987.8309.


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Municipal Census    

Overview - 2014 Municipal Census

The 2014 municipal census revealed that the Town of Devon’s population has increased to 6,650 residents. The population increase is approximately 2% or 140 residents in comparison to the 2009 results of 6534 residents. Based on the 2014 results the number of household in the community is approximately 2,419.

Devon Municipal Census - 2014 Report

Devon Municipal Census - 2009 Report


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Municipal Development Plan    

The Town of Devon Municipal Development Plan was adopted August 14, 2017.


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Parks, Culture and Recreation Master Plan    

Master Plan

See the full Parks, Culture & Recreation Master Plan here!

Parks, Culture and Recreation Master Plan Community Feedback

Community engagement session were held February 20 and 21, 2015.
Here's what community has told us so far: PCRMP Interim Report

The importance of the master plan

Recreation contributes to vibrant and engaged communities. It fosters personal, social, economic, and environmental well-being.

In Devon, recreation is an essential community service as it adds to our quality of life, strengthens relationships, contributes to our sense of belonging, provides opportunities to participate for those who are less fortunate, stimulates the local economy, and protects the environment.

More than sport, recreation includes a broad range of artistic, creative, cultural, intellectual, physical, and social activities which “make leisure time more interesting, enjoyable and personally satisfying”. (Interprovincial Sport and Recreation Council, 1987.)

Purpose of the master plan

Ultimately, the Devon Master Plan seeks to: maximize the quality of life in Devon by working with its citizens to ensure a community-driven, future focused direction for parks, culture, and recreation.

As a result, we are using a community development approach that will prioritize the engagement of a wide variety of stakeholders engaged and “owning” the process.

While Town staff and some outside expertise are being engaged, they are focused on (1) designing a citizen-driven process that will allow for the co-creation of a Master Plan and (2) gathering data and information that will be needed to help stakeholders make informed decisions. For instance, information related to demographics, trends, opportunities, etc.


Seven Essential Elements

10-Step Master Plan

Steps 1 - 5: Ensure Engagement
1. Ignite and invite others to participate
2. Share strengths and successes
3. Research your community
4. Define priorities
5. Engage others who need to be involved

Steps 6 – 8: The Traditional Approach
6. Define vision, values and priorities
7. Describe purpose
8. Identify outcomes

Steps 9 – 10: After the Plan
9. Develop strategies and take action
10. Learn, celebrate, and tell the story

What has been accomplished since June 2014

Service Excellence data collection is complete
A master plan planning framework has been developed
A communications plan has been developed
The phone survey is complete
Literature review and research has been undertaken of other municipal recreation plans, national and provincial initiatives, best practices, and future recreation trends, analytical processes
Dates have been set for stakeholder & community engagement

The next steps

Conduct the community engagement sessions
Recreation trends research
Analyse and interpret results
Develop concept plans for parks & open spaces
Conduct internal meetings
Prepare draft master plan


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Ravines of Devon Area Structure Plan    

This Area Structure Plan has been prepared to assist with the further development of a parcel of land located within the east portion of the corporate boundaries of the Town of Devon. This Plan will provide a framework for the addition of new residential to be known as the Ravines of Devon.

See the Ravines of Devon Area Structure Plan here.

More Information

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Recreation Facility Business Plan Proposal    

In January 2017 the Town of Devon was investigating options to improve the operations of the Dale Fisher arena from both a participant perspective as well as with the efficiencies of the facility.

In addition to infrastructure improvements, the Town was facing another dilemma. The Arena, with only having one ice surface, had challenges filling daytime ice space and during peak hours, were losing revenue opportunities to surrounding municipalities with our minor hockey groups having to travel outside the community to be accommodated. Prime time ice surface rentals are increasing in demand across the capital region, but with only one ice surface in Devon, it is difficult to effectively accommodate hockey clubs and academies on a part time basis. It was also challenging to attract hockey tournaments to the community due to the single ice surface.

Discussions with stakeholders considered options for twinning the existing Dale Fisher Arena and the cost effectiveness of constructing a new facility in a different location and creating a multi-use recreation facility. As such, in February 2017 an RFP was created with the outcome being three proponents submitting proposals and presenting to Council in April 2017.

The unique presentation by Silent Ice and their affiliation and endorsement from former Edmonton Oiler Ryan Smyth, brought great value to the project and created added exposure to various sports groups and partnership opportunities. Council directed Administration to work with Silent Ice to do further cost analysis of a multi-use recreation facility that would be situated on the newly acquired lands west of Highway 60.

See the full Recreation Facility Business Plan Proposal here.

More Information

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River Valley Condition Assessment and Site Prioritization Report    

Associated Environmental Consultants Inc. (Associated) was retained by the Town of Devon to conduct a Condition Assessment and Site Prioritization (the study) to identify opportunities to mitigate erosion and build resilience into the floodplain by restoring degraded areas. The assessment was conducted as part of the Watershed Restoration and Resilience grant program. The study area includes the North Saskatchewan River Valley located within Devon, AB, with a primary focus on the floodplain associated with the North Saskatchewan River and Battery Creek as well as the adjoining river valley slopes.

More Information

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River Valley Master Plan    

Click HERE to view the River Valley Master Plan.


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River Valley Trails Master Plans    

Devon council voted on October 27, 2014 to table river valley trail discussions, after citizens expressed concerns that the paving of the River Valley Alliance (RVA) primary trail network was not properly communicated during recent River Valley Trails Master Plan (RVTMP) public engagement sessions. The section of trail under discussion, an old Imperial Oil road, runs from Voyageur Park to the Lion’s Park and has been identified as a primary trail within the RVA network that will eventually link Devon to Fort Saskatchewan. Although there have been ongoing communications regarding the RVA trail project, the RVA primary trail standard, defined as a 3 metre wide, hard surface trail, was not clearly understood.

Please follow this link to read the full River Valley Trails Media Release.

Download: River Valley Trails Master Plan - Final Report - November 2015

Updates will be provided online as well as Facebook and Twitter #rivervalleytrails.

What is the River Valley Trails Master Plan?

The Town of Devon completed and released the River Valley Trails Master Plan Final Report in November 2015. The purpose of the River Valley Master Plan (RVMP) is to establish a coordinated vision and long term development plan for Devon's river valley. The process of developing the RVMP began in spring of 2010 and included feedback from town administration and public consultation sessions where groups identified the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to the Devon river valley.

The report recommended preparing a trail routing plan for the valley slopes, developing a trail signage program, and conducting an assessment of the trails to determine user needs as well as trail condition reports and erosion controls. The River Valley Trails Master Plan was the next step in this process.

The River Valley Trails Master Plan is intended to guide the sustainable maintenance and future development of a multi-use trail system. The plan will be responsive to the desired experience and abilities of trail users. It will support current and future use with minimal impact to the area ecosystem, produce negligible soil loss, and will allow vegetation to inhabit the area.

The Master Plan provides guidelines and standards to ensure that we are developing the most accessible, usable, and sustainable trails possible in order to meet a variety of user abilities and desired experiences. This plan will guide future trail remediation, expansion, and preservation efforts. This plan is focused on the natural trail system in the river valley. It will ensure the development of a network of multi-use trails that will be accessible and usable by everyone, for all activities and skill levels.


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Storm Water Drainage Study    

Genivar Inc. was retained to complete a Storm Water Drainage study for the Town of Devon. The Storm Water study included a background review of storm intensity histories, including the major rainfall event during July 2012. Information gathered was analyzed utilizing computer-based hydro-logic and hydraulic modelling. The results were analyzed to identify and confirm problem areas. The model was then modified to reflect several remedial alternatives. The recommendations include suggestions for increased maintenance, updates to the current Town of Devon design standards, as well as diversion options for trap areas.

To read the full report, please follow this link. Due to the large file size, the report may take some time to download:

Storm Water Drainage Study

Major Drainage System Map


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Town of Devon Green Strategy    

Green StrategyThis document provides a strategic approach and direction for the Town of Devon to reach environmentally sustainable goals in an economically feasible manner. Green Devon lays out short-term and long-term goals, along with objectives, and recommended actions for six priority areas. Due to changes in technology, programs, and other elements, this document is subject to change and shall be amended as needed and reviewed by Council annually.

See the Town of Devon Green Strategy here!


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Urban Forest Management Plan    

"Urban forestry is the sustained planning, planting, protection, maintenance, and care of trees, forests, green space and related resources in and around cities and communities for economic, environmental, social, and public health benefits for people."

- Canadian Urban Forest Network

Trees are one of the most visible and significant assets in the Town of Devon. Council asked that an all-encompassing plan be created for the management of trees as they represent a substantial investment for the community.

The Urban Forest Management plan brings together Devon’s existing documents such as the design standards, level of service and policies all into one document and addresses:

  • Frequency and type of maintenance for trees
  • Tree replacement due to age and health
  • New tree installation in existing built up areas like boulevards and parks
  • Tree installation in newly constructed areas like new subdivisions
  • Specifies types of trees best suited for boulevards (in between sidewalks and curbs); or open park space; based on proven performance and hardiness for this region; root system aggressiveness; regular to low maintenance upkeep; resistance to disease
  • Establishes a nursery where trees can be started as small seedlings at very low cost then grown large enough to become replacements for existing trees that may be at the end of their life or for planting in other areas

Follow this link to read the full document: 2015 Urban Forest Management Plan



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Voyageur Park Improvement Plan    

The Town of Devon has retained the services of a professional environmental planning firm to develop a concept plan for the redevelopment and upgrade of amenities at Voyageur Park. To help create this concept plan and recommendations for park upgrades, the design team is engaging local residents and other project stakeholders to ensure public input is gathered and used to shape the final concept plan.

Public Participation

Four draft concept plans were created by EDS Group and shared with residents/stakeholders through the Town website, social media, newspaper and a public open house in early August. Feedback was then gathered through both a form on the Town website and an online survey to determine what residents liked about each draft concept plan to inform the final draft plan.

Voyageur Park Improvement Plan

Voyageur Park Improvement Signage Plan

More Information

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