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How do I use the FAQ section?What do I need to know about booking the Community Centre?When is the next Town of Devon election?Do I need a permit for garage sales?Will the Town of Devon make a donation to our event?How do I apply for one of the town boards or committees?Can I buy or sell fireworks in Devon?What is the Pre-authorized payment plan?How can I pay my utility bill/property taxes?Who can join the Pre-authorized payment plan?Can I take my newspaper to the Scouts Trailer?When do we have Large Item Pick up?How can I pay my utility bill/property taxes?How do I know if there is a fire ban in Devon or Parkland County?How can I become a volunteer firefighter?Can the public attend a Town Council Meeting to watch the proceedings? Do I need a fire permit? How do I get one?Can I have a fire pit in my back yard?I live in the County of Parkland – who do I call for fire concerns?Is there a fee for fire suppression, tours/education or rescue services?What level of Fire Protection services are offered?How do I sign up for / make changes to / cancel Pre-authorized payment plan?What is Property Assessment?Can the public make a presentation at a Town Council Meeting?What is Supplemental Property Assessment and Supplemental Property Tax?My neighbour is causing a nuisance - what do I do?When are the Community Peace Officers on duty and what do they cover?What should I be doing to protect my home and family from fire or poisonous gas?What if I have a concern or believe there is an error on my Property Assessment Notice?When do I place my Waste Cart and Recycling out for pick up?How many Blue Bags am I allowed to place out each week?I smell natural gas in my house, should I call the Town?Do I need a permit for a shed?What hours is the Recycle Depot open?My Sewer is backing up, should I call a plumber?My Waste Cart is missing, should I try to locate it?How do I keep my Waste Cart clean?If the wheels or axles are missing from my Waste Cart should I call the Town?How do I set up a Bulk Water Account?When are Brown Bags picked up?When are Brown Bags picked up?My natural gas appliances such as the furnace and hot water heater are not working, should I call the Town?Does the Waste Cart need to be clear of obstructions around it?I live in an apartment and I know the Town does not pick up my garbage, how can I recycle?When is the next municipal election in Devon? How do I contact a member of Town Council?When are Town Council Meetings scheduled?Where are Town Council Meetings held?When do I need a Development Permit?What are the regulations for signs on public property including Garage Sale signs?Why do I need a Zoning Compliance Letter?My dog / cat has gone missing - what do I do?I have found a dog / cat - what do I do?I need a cat trap - who do I call?What information does the Tax Certificate include?When will I get my Property Assessment and Tax Notice?Why do I pay for school taxes when I don't have children going to school?What is the Seniors Property Tax Deferral Program?How do I order a Tax Certificate?I'm selling my house in Devon, what do I do?I'm buying a house in Devon, what do I need to do?I am renting a house in Devon, what do I need to do?I would like to receive my utility bill by email. How do I arrange this?

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Town of Devon Municipal Office
1 Columbia Avenue West
Devon, AB  T9G 1A1

Phone: 780-987-8300
Fax: 780-987-4778
Email: General Inquiries


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