FUN-O! The Family Uno Challenge 2019

What is it?


What is FUN-O!?

Do you enjoy games? Can spare 25 minutes per day and commit to 28 days of fun over two months to connect and potentially win a BIG prize? Then this challenge is for you!

The 28-day FUN-O challenge is a great opportunity for you and your family to enjoy time together, learn new skills and find out who the family UNO champion truly is. Best of all it is free to enter and lots of fun. Oh, and did we mention, YOU get to choose your family prize (to a maximum of $200 total). 

So how does this work?

You choose what you mean by your family - as long as there is a minimum of one person over 18 and one person under 18, then you are good to go.

Head to the Town of Devon Office pick up a free pack of UNO cards and a game sheet or download it here if you only need the sheet and not the cards. You play a minimum of 10 minutes per day the first ‘level’ followed by 15, 20, and end with 25 minutes  as you near the end of the challenge. Each level must take seven days to complete, but participants will have up to 14 days per level to complete their UNO games (we know life can be a bit busy!). Overall, challengers have two months to play at least once per day over a span of 28 days in total. The list of conversation starter questions can be downloaded here as well (you don't have to use them).

When you are finished the challenge, just hand in the fully completed game sheet to the Town Office and wait to see if your name is drawn in December!


  • The main challenger must be a Devon resident to qualify to win the prize.
  • There are only 100 sets available so make sure to pick up your Uno cards ASAP.
  • Please make sure you read the rules before starting. 
  • If you already own a pack and you only need the game sheet, you can download it HERE.
  • Conversation starter questions can be downloaded here if you want to use them (you don't have to).
  • Challenge runs October 1 – November 30, 2019 inclusive.


The Rules

  1. The main challenger must be a Devon resident to qualify to win the prize.

  2. Your family must consist of at least two people – one 18+ and one under 18.

  3. Try to play with as many people as possible (it doesn’t always have to be the same family members – include Grandma, uncles, neighbours, friends etc.).

  4. You will be required to complete a short questionnaire on your entry form when you return it at the end of the challenge.

  5. The challenge runs from Oct. 1 to Nov. 30. All entries must be returned, fully completed, by no later than 4 p.m. Friday Dec. 6. Incomplete entry forms and / or those who didn’t make the full 28 will not be accepted. You can email it to or return to the office.

  6. Each ‘level’ - 10, 15, 20 and 25 minutes – must be done for seven days each and you have two weeks to complete each one.

  7. Aim to have a conversation with each other every time you play – if you want some “different” ideas we have included a list of questions you can ask with the game sheet. 

  8. Only one entry per household / family.

The Prize

  1. The winning prize will be awarded to the person named on the entry form.

  2. The winning prize is for $200 gift card for the activity indicated on the entry form, and must be allocated towards a family friendly activity (movie night, Rec Room, swimming, escape room, science museum, Oil Kings tickets etc.).

  3. If there is not an option to get a gift card for the chosen activity, a prepaid credit card might be provided (solely at the discretion of the Town of Devon.) The family is responsible for any costs over the total prize amount. 

  4. Anything not deemed family friendly will not be permitted and is at the discretion of the Town of Devon.

  5. There will be a small runner up prize.

  6. Winners from the eligible entries will be drawn at random on Dec. 9 and the winner will be notified by no later than Dec. 10 at 4 p.m.

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