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Urban Wildlife

Why do we sometimes see coyotes in Devon?

  • Coyotes typically live in green spaces that provide them with food, water and shelter, such as park areas and river valleys. In some areas, coyotes also make use of back alleys, industrial areas, and other developed areas.
  • With Alberta cities and towns growing rapidly, many suburbs have expanded into formerly undeveloped wildlife habitat. For coyotes, the growth of cities has meant an increase in food sources from humans, such as garbage, pet food and fruit and berries from ornamental landscaping.
  • Coyotes take advantage of carelessly stored garbage, compost, fruit fallen from trees and bird feed. Most people seldom see coyotes, though some may hear late-night howling. Some coyotes have become used to people and are not shy about letting themselves be seen.



You may see this sign posted in town where there have been recent coyote sightings. Click the sign for more information regarding urban coyotes. Wildife

Alberta Wildlife

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