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Welcome to Devon

Welcome to the Town of Devon, Alberta, Canada!

Welcome to Devon

We invite you to fit inspiration into your life by visiting our small but mighty community. It is simple. Stop by and make use of our many natural and paved trails, spend an afternoon on the banks of the scenic North Saskatchewan River, picnic or camp in our award-winning campground or better yet ... challenge yourself in one or more of our many sporting events.

Yes, believe it or not we are just 15 minutes from our Capital City, located along the incredible North Saskatchewan River. We are unique in that our proximity to the West and South sides of Edmonton is exactly the same. So ... your visit to West Edmonton Mall (WEM) is a relaxing 18 minutes just as your visit to Ikea in South Edmonton Common is a joyous 20 minute sightseeing adventure. If you think that is amazing, imagine this ... we are a short ten minutes to the International Airport which means you could be sitting back and relaxing in one of our amazing parks 15 minutes after you land in our area.

Street, Trail, Service, and Google maps are available at: Online Services > Maps and Routes

Naturally, one of our primary goals is to ensure that everyone regardless of their age and their ability can enjoy their ride, but around town it goes a little bit further than this.

Bike Town Alberta is about:

Building a Strong Community

Communities with well-developed multi-use trail systems that encourage active transportation and healthy living are:

  • More 'liveable' as it creates a pleasant and safe environment with reduced noise and pollution.
  • Encourages more social interaction within neighbourhoods.
  • Creates a stronger sense of community.
  • Increases mobility for those without regular access to a vehicle.
  • Increases quality of life.
  • Will help us keep our small-town charm even as we grow.

Improving our Health

Research shows us that the major health concerns treated at the Devon General Hospital are all conditions that are better managed or treated with increased exercise. In fact, exercise has been proven to reduce the risk of over 25 chronic conditions such as the number one lifestyle risk that our hospital treats - obesity, specifically childhood obesity.

Our goal is to improve our community's health by encouraging active transportation and providing more programs, events and opportunities for people to be engaged in.

Caring for our Environment

Encouraging cycling and other forms of active transportation makes sense and is supported by research.

  • Cycling is the most energy efficient means of transportation.
  • Cycling is often the fastest mode of transportation for distances up to 10 km.
  • Short distance motor vehicle trips are the least fuel efficient and generate the most pollution per kilometre. These are most easily replaced by a variety of modes of active transportation.

Trail Network

The Town of Devon currently maintains approximately 10 km of multi-use paved trails linking most areas of the community to each other. The trails are virtually flat and easy to ride with only a few small hills. An additional 16 km of natural river valley trails (double track...but fun and flowing) are maintained as well. These trails link to the asphalt trail system and present a more challenging trail experience. Please visit Bike Pirate for the latest trail review and conditions.

End-of-trip facilities (aka bike racks): a number of bike racks were added throughout the downtown area as well as at town-owned facilities. We find people are more likely to ride their bikes if they are able to keep them safe when they arrive at their destination.

2016 will see the updating of easy to read signs throughout the trail system.

Future Plans

Town administration and the brand leadership team have identified a number of possible initiatives to enhance this network. These ideas are forming the basis for the creation of a long term trail plan. It is our hope that progress will be made on a number of these initiatives. To date the initiatives include:

  • Improved signage throughout town
  • Trail kiosks
  • Secondary and tertiary trail markers
  • Trail expansion
  • Trail etiquette signs
  • Identifying preferred routes to school and key locations around town

We are open to feedback. If there is something you would like to see added to this list please contact us.

Bike Town Alberta really is just about getting out, being active and enjoying the moments that make you smile. Whether you ride a hardcore mountain bike, a sleek road bike, a funky cruiser, a trike, or a bike with all the bells and whistles, we just want you to grab life by the handle bars and enjoy the ride!

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