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Wooden bridges

Sit Back and Relax

Enjoy Devon's picturesque river valley and open green spaces. A perfect place for a round of golf, camp with the family, a private function or just come to relax. The more adventurous can take advantage of our skills bike park or challenge themselves on our expert trail system.

Centennial Park    

Located on Athabasca Avenue (across from John Maland High School), Centennial Park is a beautiful setting for a picnic, recreational activity or even wedding/family photos. Amenities include a gazebo, picnic tables, benches, volleyball court, outdoor skating rink. 

The Town of Devon thanks the local Bloom 2000 Gardening Society for maintaining the wide assortment of flower beds in this park.

Splash Park (Located in Centennial Park) - open May long weekend to September.

Location: Map to Centennial Park 


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Devon Golf and Conference Centre    

Devon's trail system loops around both the Devon Golf Course and the Lions Campground. The golf course offers an excellent restaurant, complete with a lounge for your dining pleasure. 





Phone: 780-987-3477

More Information

Location: Map to golf course 

Address: 1130 River Valley, Devon, AB


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Devon Lions Park and Campground    

The Devon Lions Park and campground offers you a scenic place to stay for the night... or enjoy a relaxing picnic beside the North Saskatchewan River.

Phone: 780-987-4777

More Information

Location: map to Lions Park 


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Devon Voyageur Park    

Devon Voyageur Park is located at the end of Saskatchewan Avenue West along the North Saskatchewan River and provides ample free parking space. This beautiful area includes:

  • Boat Launch - BOATsmart (see Below)
  • Picnic tables
  • Gazebo
  • Washroom facilities
  • Relaxing sand area (located by car park #1)
  • Special event space
  • Fire pits*

There are also a number of activities to enjoy at the park:

  • Fishing
  • Swimming
  • Canoeing
  • Boating
  • Gold panning
  • Hiking
  • Biking
  • Bird watching
  • Cycling

Voyageur Park is also the western most point for the beginning of the River Valley Alliance parks and trail system that starts here in Devon and runs all the way to the County of Strathcona to Fort Saskatchewan, a full 88km of riverfront integrated park. For more information about the RVA and the aims and vision go to

There are a number of fire pits available on site. Please be aware that fires are not authorized in any area other than the designated fire pits at the park.

Voyageur Park Boat Launch

Votageur Park

Canadians are required by law to have proof of competency when operating a motorized watercraft. The Pleasure Craft Operator Card (PCOC), also known as a "boat license" is the most common proof of competency in Canada.

Since 2005, BOATsmart! has been a leading provider of the Pleasure Craft Operator Card and offers an easy-to-use online study guide, practice quiz, and exam.

For more information on BOATsmart!, water and boating safety, please follow this link: BOATsmart!

Click here to take the BOATsmart! exam.


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Downtown Park    

This relaxing green space, complete with picnic tables, is one of the main links between the trails to the river valley area. The river valley mural that decorates the adjacent building was painted by the Local Youth Experience.


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Nordic Ski Trails    

Devon’s trail system has something to offer everyone from bird-watching and biking to berry picking and skiing. 

The Nordic Ski Club maintains a number of trails in the winter season and provides lessons and an opportunity to go on group ski outings and generally have a good time in the open air on these wonderful trails. For more information on the club and how to contact them please click the button below.


More Information

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Park Maintenance    

Grass Cutting

The Town of Devon is well known for its beautiful River Valley setting and luscious green spaces.  The Parks Department maintains many hectares of turf throughout the Town’s parks, sports fields, and natural areas.  During the summer is when you will see the majority of the Town crews while they are maintaining these grass areas.


  • Public buildings and downtown mow and weed eat-once a week 
  • Athletic fields –cut once a week.
  • All other parks- cut twice monthly
  • Voyageur Park and cemetery- cut and weed eat twice monthly.
  • Weed eating- once monthly.
  • Devonian industrial park –cut once a year dependent on conditions.
  • Aeriation – twice a year.
  • Fertilization once year.
  • Weed spraying –twice a year.
  • Natural river valley trails are mowed-once a year.
  • Municipal and environmental reserves are-not maintained.

Tree Trimming

  • Elm trees are pruned in winter on a 3 year rotation.
  • All other large trees (over 20 feet high) are pruned once ever 3rd year on a rotation.
  • All smaller trees are pruned annually.
  • Tree removal as needed and recommended.
  • Road and sidewalk clearance done on early august.

Tree Diseases

To prevent the spread of tree diseases, follow the recommended pruning guidelines and do not transport firewood into or around the province. For  information on tree disease, insect and pest management, visit: Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development


Black Knot

Black Knot is a fungal disease that deforms branches and reduces growth.  Heavily infected trees often become stunted and may eventually die from the disease.  For more information on how to monitor and maintain your trees, please follow these links: Black Knot Information Flyer

Black Knot Information - Alberta Agriculture



Dutch Elm Disease

Dutch Elm disease is a serious fungal disease that affects the American elm (Ulmus Alberta Agriculture - Dutch Elm Disease)




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River Valley Trails    

River Valley Trail Construction Underway

Upgrades are underway on Devon's River Valley Trail that connects Voyageur Park to the Lions Campground. The trail is part of a $90 million River Valley Alliance Capital Project aimed at improving public access to the North Saskatchewan River and developing a “Ribbon of Green” along the North Saskatchewan River. The continuous park and trail system will eventually connect Devon to Fort Saskatchewan.

Devon's project includes 13 km of primary trails along the river connecting, Voyageur Park in Devon to Parkland County (north) and Leduc County (south). For more information, please follow these links:

River Valley Alliance

The River Valley Alliance (RVA) is a not-for-profit organization with the vision of creating one of the world's largest metropolitan river valley parks. RVA shareholders include seven municipalities with lands along the North Saskatchewan River: Devon, Parkland County, Leduc County, Edmonton, Strathcona County, Fort Saskatchewan and Sturgeon County.


Click on the image below to view a full map:


More Information

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Riverview Bike Park    

The first of its kind and the most technical bike park in the region is now complete. The Riverview Bike Park, built by Hoots Inc. consists of a wooden skills area, pump track, a progressive set of dirt jumps, beginner and advanced drop zones, expert jumps and a few flow trail loops.

Phase 1 - Skills Area 

Thank you to Rabbit Hill for generously donating a Giant Bike Skills feature for phase 1 of the new park! What could be more perfect than a really big bike to ride on for a place like Bike Town AB? This was the first feature installed in the park.

Phase 2 - Pump Track and Dirt Jumps

We would also like to thank the following supporters for making this project a reality so far:

  • Cancom Development for supplying us with approximately 2000 Cubic Yards of clay
  • Camex Equipment for providing us with trucking which enabled us to move 2000 cubic yards of clay to the park site
  • Hayduk Lumber for providing us with hardware and lumber needed to complete phase 1
  • Devon Home Hardware for providing us with much needed hardware and tools to get phase 1 built
  • Leduc County for working with us to secure hauling permissions to get the clay on site.

Phase 3 - Downhill Flow Trails, Drop Zones and Expert Jumps 


Thank you to our supporters

  • Finning Caterpillar
  • Rabbit Hill Snow Resort
  • Cancom Development  for supplying us with approximately 2000 Cubic Yards of clay
  • Camex Equipment for providing us with trucking which enabled us to move 2000 cubic yards of clay to the park site
  • Hayduk Lumber for providing us with hardware and lumber needed to complete phase 1
  • Devon Home Hardware for providing us with much needed hardware and tools to get phase 1 built
  • Leduc County for working with us to secure hauling permissions to get the clay on site.
  • Revolution Cycle
  • Devon Bicycle Association
  • Hoots Inc.

How to get Here

The Bike Park is located in the South end of Voyageur Park.

In Devon:

Go North on Superior Street
Left onto Saskatchewan Ave
Follow the road down into Voyageur Park
Right into the first parking lot and you are here!

The Bike Park Story

Inspired by the bike town brand, the Riverview Middle School Mountain Bike Club made a presentation to Town Council to propose the building of a mountain bike skills park in town. The students figured that if the Town was going to be bike town they needed somewhere better to ride than a skateboard park.

The students, with help from their Social Studies teacher and bike coach, Mr. Haugjord, gave an excellent presentation to Town Council on May 9, 2011. According to Mayor Fisher, the presentation was among the very best she has ever seen and not only that it was the best attended Council meeting ever! There was standing room only the day the youth gave their presentation with approximately 60 people in attendance, some that even drove from Edmonton to show their support. Council unanimously supported the concept.

The Town contracted Mountain Bike Skills Park Designer extraordinaire, Jay Hoots, to create a park suitable for all ages, all abilities and something that would be worthy of a place called Bike Town AB. This will be the first park of its kind in the Edmonton region and will be designed to be a draw for cyclists from all over. Being the first major project Bike Town AB has taken on, it will certainly help to cement the brand promise and will undoubtedly be a park that will live up to expectations.

Kraft Celebration Tour

Council challenged the youth to raise funds for the park so they took it one step further and entered the bike park in the 2011 Kraft Celebration Tour contest. Kraft Celebration Tour. Of 400 nominations across Canada, the Devon Bike Park was selected as one of the top 20 and moved into the finals! That meant the Town of Devon went into a head-to-head match up against Edson for a live on-line vote-a-thon. Bike Town AB WON! Thank you to all who voted, we received 145,574 votes from confirmed supporters from across Canada, the Maritimes, Nunavut, North Carolina, California, and Australia. On August 21, 2011 Devon hosted the Kraft Celebration Tour and a live broadcast of TSN's SportsCentre in Voyageur Park! Kraft Canada presented the $25,000 award to the students so work could begin on the Bike Park.

Bike Park




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Trail Etiquette and Safety    

  • Keep right, except when passing or turning left. Move completely off the trail (to the right) when stopping to avoid a collision. Yield to make way for less mobile users (strollers, wheelchairs, etc.).

  • Stay alert by being aware of your surroundings and other trail users. Use caution in blind corners, poor weather conditions and on unfamiliar sections of the trails.

  • Be visible by wearing brightly coloured or reflective clothing.

  • Use caution with earphones by keeping the volume low enough to hear others approaching.

  • Preserve the environment by avoiding fragile surfaces and vegetation.

  • Remember that this is a natural environment and be cautious of wildlife, this is their home.

  • Some areas of the natural trails can be steep and slippery so use care when accessing these areas.

  • Be a responsible pet owner by keeping your pet on a leash and under control. (See the trail map for off-leash locations.) Bag dispensers and garbage receptacles are located throughout the trail system.


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