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Bird Threat Reduction



Domestic cats, both owned and unowned have been identified as one of the leading causes of bird deaths globally. Devon is continuing to take steps to support the reduction of outdoor cats through a number of initiatives. Learn more about keeping cats safe and saving bird lives at the following links:

Window Strikes

Window Strikes

Documented as the second leading cause of bird deaths globally, window strikes are both commonplace and easy to prevent. Learn more about how you can prevent window strikes at:

If you find an injured bird 

If you find a bird that has hit a building, gently place the bird inside an unwaxed paper bag or small cardboard box with tissue or a paper towel inside to give the bird something to perch on. Do not handle the bird more than necessary. Make sure the bird is sitting upright to aid respiration. If the bird is leaning to one side, make a donut-shape using tissue or a paper towel and place the bird in the centre. Do not give the bird food or water.

More information can be found on the Wild North website at (Wild North and click on the Frequently asked Question "A bird just hit my window, what do I do"?

Light Pollution

Light Polution

Light pollution is the brightening of the night sky caused by artificial lights. These lights can have a big affect on both us and wildlife. Learn more about how light pollution affects birds and what we can all do at:

Pesticide Use


Since the 1970's the effects of pesticides on birds have been known and brought into the public sphere. Despite our increased awareness, synthetic chemicals continue to be used to the detriment of birds both directly through ingestion or other contact and indirectly through a reduction in insects.

The Town of Devon does not use pesticides to control mosquitoes on public land.

No  pesticides containing BTI or Neonicotinoids (neonics) are used by the town on public land.

The Town of Devon does not use herbicides for cosmetic purposes. Herbicides are used strictly for the control of prohibited and noxious weeds. The town has not blanket sprayed trees or flowers beds for at least 10 years.  Town policy is to use spot spraying rather than blanket spraying.

Learn more about Devon’s Pest Management Plan at: 


Trash, and especially plastic, can harm wildlife in two main ways: ingestion and entanglement. Given the threat plastic pollution poses to birds and wildlife — not to mention the potential threats to human health — it's critical that we work together to turn the tide. Learn about Devon’s single use plastic bylaw how you can reduce, reuse and recycle plastics at:


Vehicle Collisions

Approximately 14 million birds are killed by vehicles in Canada each year during the four month breeding season alone. Birds are often attracted to roads as a source of food, salt, grit, and/or water. Get more information and learn how you can help reduce bird collisions with vehicles at:


Habitat Disturbance

Quality habitat is extremely important during breeding season, when many birds nest in trees, shrubs, on the ground, or on rocks and rely on nearby resources to raise healthy young.

Current policy in Devon restricts routine brushing operations in Voyager Park and Bob McDonald Park during nesting season.   Only safety related, and essential infrastructure related brushing is done in these areas during prime nesting season.  All brushing there, and elsewhere on all municipal land are conducted in accordance with the Migratory Bird Act.

If habitat is destroyed or disturbed during the breeding season, nests may be lost or abandoned or productivity may be reduced. Learn about Devon’s Urban Forest Management Plan and how you can help protect our natural areas at:

Dogs are not allowed to be off-leash on Devon public property except within the Dog Park.


If you have any questions about Devon's Bird Friendly initiative, please email our Devon Bird Team at:

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