Blue Bag Recycling

Blue Bag Recycling

Global Blue Bag Recycling Changes

As of 2019, there have been stringent restrictions on what items are being accepted as recyclables by major global markets. The majority of items are still recyclable with the exception of cetain plastics.

Learn how you can recycle right by reviewing the list below and sorting your waste and recycling appropriately. If you are not sure where something goes, you can always use the Town's Detailed Sorting List to search for a waste item. 

See our FAQ for more information about these changes.

Watch this short 3 minute video for a quick overview of how the recycling market has changed.

Blue Bag Recycling Collection

Blue bags of household recyclables are collected weekly in Devon on residents regular collection day (Tuesday or Wednesday). There is NO LIMIT on the number of blue recycle bages that will be picked up from curbside.

Households that do not receive curbside pickup can also take their blue bag recycling to the Devon Recycling Depot to be disposed of for no charge.

Items that can be recycled

  • Hard/rigid plastic containers, tubs and bottles (e.g. detergent, condiment or shampoo bottles, margarine and large yogurt containers, ice cream pails); Remove caps and lids; Lids that are number 1 or 2 can be recycled
  • Tin food cans (clean)
  • Magazines, newpaper, flyers and catalogues
  • Office paper, envelopes, craft paper
  • Books with front and back covers removed
  • Wrapping paper (no foil), greeting cards (decorations removed)
  • Boxboard (e.g. cereal, cracker, cookies, tissue boxes)
  • Cardboard flattened

Items that can't be recycled

  • Soft/flexible plastic such as plastic clamshell containers (e.g. berries. salads, bakery items)
  • Single use plastic cups (e.g. pudding, applesauce, small yogurt)
  • Plastic bags, film and wrap (e.g. grocery bag, food wrap, resealable bags)
  • Glass, including jars
  • Tetra Paks without deposit (e.g. soups, broth, liquid egg)
  • Styrofoam (e.g. packaging material, meat tray, take-out containers)
  • Small metal items (e.g. coat hanger, nails, broke household items)
  • Plastic packaging from toys, food and household items (e.g. fruit and vegetable bags, cereal box liners, pet food bags, plant pots)
  • Single use plastic items (e.g. cutlery, straws, coffee pods)
  • To-go cups (e.g. drink cups, lids and straws - most paper coffee cups can go in the green organics cart)

Detailed Sorting List


To report a broken or damaged cart, or missed collection you can contact:

Issues with garbage collection can also be reported on the Our Devon App!

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