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The pre-authorized payment plan allows utility/tax payments to be made automatically through direct debit payments from your bank account. For property taxes this means that you can split your tax levy into 12 equal payments instead of one lump sum at the end of June.

For Taxes:

(a) If your tax account is paid up to date (eg. If joining in June, taxes for January to May of the current year must be paid plus any arrears owning)

(b) If you have banking privileges at a financial institution; and

(c) If you currently remit taxes with your mortgage payment, your mortgage company must agree to waive that requirement.

For Utilities:

(a) If you are the registered owner of the property; and

(b) If your utility account is paid up to date; and

(c) If you have banking privileges at a financial institution.

To sign up for the pre-authorized payment plan

Simply fill out the pre-authorized payment form and return it via fax or email listed on the form. For tax payment amounts please contact our Tax Department at 780.987.8300.

To make changes to your bank account information

If your bank account changes please advise the Town of Devon by providing a new void check and filling out the pre-authorized payment change form and retuning it via fax or the email listed on the form. Changes must be made at least 5 business days in advance of payment date.

To withdrawal from the pre-authorized payment plan

Please advise the Town of Devon by filling out the pre-authorized payment change form and returning it via fax or the email listed on the form. Changes must be made at least 5 business days in advance of payment date.

The property taxes citizens pay are calculated in proportion to the value of the real estate property they own. Determining the value of a property for taxation purposes is known as assessment. Assessed values are a means of fairly distributing the tax burden and ensuring each property owner pays a fair level of tax in relation to his/her neighbor.

Tanmar Consulting Inc. (Assessors), employed by the Town of Devon, prepare an assessment annually for each property. Annual assessments are part of the regular cycle of activities that provincial legislation requires the Town of Devon to undertake. Each year all property values are updated to reflect typical market value based on economic conditions as of July 1st of the previous year. The new assessed values will be used to determine how much municipal and school taxes each property owner pays. The assessed value shown on your assessment notice will reflect the value of your property based on its physical condition and characteristics as of December 31st of the previous year.

If your property was not completely finished or occupied by this date, your assessment notice will reflect this, and once the property is completed or occupied a supplementary assessment and tax notice will be mailed at a later date this year.

What is a supplemental assessment?

Supplementary assessment reflects the increase in value of a property when a new home or building is completed and/or occupied during the current tax year.

What is supplemental tax?

Supplementary tax is determined by pro-rating the supplementary assessment by the number of months the building has been completed and/or occupied for the year and then multiplying this assessment by the tax rate.

How does supplemental assessment and tax work?

When the increased value of new homes, buildings and major additions has been determined, an additional supplementary assessment and tax notice will be sent to the property owner indicating the additional taxes for the year.


How is it calculated?

Here are some examples of how the Town of Devon calculates supplementary tax on residential property:

Supplementary Assessment Notice

Type of Property: Residential Single Family

Total new assessment $300,000

Less old assessment shown on annual tax notice (May 31st) 150,000

Supplementary Assessment $150,000

Improvement Completed and/or Occupied on Pro-rated Supplementary Assessment

July 1st ($150,000 x 6/12) $75,000

The tax levy is then applied to the pro-rated supplementary assessment to calculate the taxes due on the supplementary assessment. Assessments within the Town of Devon are based on typical market values with a valuation date as of July 1st of the previous year.

When is the supplementary assessment and tax notice sent out?

Supplementary taxes are levied only in the year the newly constructed building is completed and/or occupied. Supplementary notices are sent out October 30 and property owner(s) are required to pay no later than December 31.

If you have a concern or believe there is an error on your Property Assessment and Tax Notice, please contact the Town’s Tax Department at 780.987.8304 and arrange to speak with an assessor. If your discussion with an assessor doesn't resolve your concerns, you may submit a formal written complaint to the Town of Devon Assessment Review Board (ARB).

How do I file a complaint?

Provincial legislation and the town bylaws outline how complaints must be made:

a.) Your complaint must be submitted in writing.

b.) Your complaint must explain why you think the information or assessed value shown on your Property Assessment Notice is incorrect. The complaint is not an appeal for lower taxes.

c.) You must include your mailing address (Agents must include the assessed owner's mailing address).

d.) Your complaint must include the filing fee noted on your Property Assessment Notice.

e.) An agent may file a complaint on your behalf if you provide an agent with a signed letter of authorization to include with the complaint.

The Clerk of the Assessment Review Board must receive your complaint and filing fee no later than the date stated on your Property Assessment Notice which is 60 days after the date on the assessment notice. Complaints that arrive by mail after this date will not be accepted regardless of the postmark.

Written complaints and filing fees may be dropped off at: The Town of Devon, 1 Columbia Avenue West, or mailed to the Town of Devon c/o Taxation Department 1 Columbia Avenue West, Devon Alberta T9G 1A1.


Download and complete the Property Assessment Complaint Form or visit the CRASC website.

Property Assessments are mailed out at the end of March annually. The Tax Notices are mailed out no later that May 31st of each year with payment due the last business day of June.

The prosperity and general well-being of society, or the community we live in, is directly related to the education of its people. For that reason the costs of education are deemed to be the responsibility of all of society. Your education, for example, if received in Canada, was largely paid for by the previous generation of taxpayers. Provincial legislation specifies that the funds for schools are to be collected by municipalities. The province and separate school boards requisition revenue they require from the Town and the total levy is distributed among taxpayers through their property tax bills based on School Support Declaration. People who do not own property contribute indirectly through their rental or lease payments.

Seniors who own property must also pay education property tax. In recognizing the concerns raised by senior homeowners about year to year increases in the education portion of their property taxes, the Education property tax assistance program was introduced. The program provides an annual rebate to senior homeowners who have an increase in the education portion of their property taxes. For more information on the program you can contact Alberta Supports Contact Center line at 1.877.644.9992 or visit them on the web at

The Seniors Property Tax Deferral Program (SPTDP) allows eligible senior homeowners to defer all or part of their property taxes through a low-interest home equity loan with the Alberta government. For more information on the program please contact the Alberta Support Contact line at 1.877.644.9992 or visit them on the web at

Requests for tax certificates are required in writing via mail, fax or e-mail. The tax department will send your certificate once the $30.00 fee has been received. Payment can be made by Cheque, Visa or MasterCard.

If you are selling your house, you need to complete a utility disconnect form. If you are on pre-authorized payments for utilities or taxes you must also complete a termination form. Forms must be received at the town office five business days prior to disconnect.

If you are buying a house in Devon, the registered property owner needs to fill out a utility connect form, and return it to our office via mail, email or fax at least 3 days prior to date of possession. It is also recommended to ensure your lawyer has requested a current tax certificate, this will certify the previous owners’ taxes and utilities are paid in full prior to your possession date.

Congratulations on the purchase of your new home and Welcome to Devon!

The Town of Devon requires that the utilities stay in the name of the registered land owner. Please speak to the owner of the property to see how they have the utilities set up. They may be included in the cost of rent or they may have an occupant copy of the bill being sent to the residents for you to pay from.

If you would like to receive your utility bill via email click here.

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