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Performance Ability Test (PAT)

If you are accepted as a paid on-call firefighter recruit, you will complete a 12-week, 96-hour training program. This program includes both theory and practical training. At the end of the program, you will take an exam, practical skills test, and Performance Ability Test (PAT). If you fail to meet these training standards, you may be released.

Description of the PAT Circuit

The circuit consists of 10 simulated fire-fighting tasks that are to be completed in a continuous and consecutive manner on a concrete slab. Rest intervals consisting of a walking distance of either 15.24m (50ft) or 30.48m (100ft) are incorporated between each task, representing the conduct of tasks at the scene of an actual fire. At the scene of and actual fire, walking between tasks permits the firefighter to recover their breathing pattern and permits them to cool down.

The test will be completed in full PPE including: Turnout coat, turnout pants, balaclava, fire helmet, leather work gloves, SCBA harness – complete with cylinder, and SCBA face-piece. The PAT will be completed “ON AIR” for the duration of the test, and is required to be completed within 18 minutes. Stoppages exceeding 5 seconds in between stations will result in a failure of the test.

Should a firefighter be unsuccessful on their test due to not completing the test in the allotted time of 18 minutes, not completing the test (quitting), or exceeding stoppages of more than 5 seconds between stations, the firefighter will be allowed one (1) re-attempt. The re-attempt will be made at the next scheduled PAT (approximately 3-4 months).

Set-up of the PAT Circuit

The circuit has been designed so that it may be conducted in the Devon Fire Station, and should require no additional equipment or modifications to the Fire Station, however, the exact circuit set-up may vary if required. Any modification to the circuit must be approved in advance by the Training Coordinator or their designate. The equipment used in the circuit is all standard firefighting equipment found in the Devon Fire Station.

PAT Tasks (Click for Video of Task)

  1. One Arm Hose Carry
  2. Ladder Raise
  3. Charged Hose Drag
  4. First Ladder Climb
  5. Weighted Sled
  6. Forcible Entry
  7. Victim Drag
  8. Second Ladder Climb
  9. Ladder Lower
  10. Spreader Tool Carry

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