Snow Busters & Lawn Buddy

Snow Busters & Lawn Buddies

Buster Snow, Devon’s friendly snow clearing guide

Be like Buster and volunteer to help clear snow for those in need

Devon FCSS's Buster Snow, is looking for local volunteers to be like him and help those in need shovel snow from their sidewalks and driveways.

The main goal of the Snow Buster Program is to provide snow removal assistance to:seniors, those who are permanently or temporarily disabled or those who may need a bit of extra help clearing snow due to other reasons. This can be as low or high committment as you want - registered or unregistered... please help someone who may need it!

Be a Registered Volunteer Snow Buster
To become a Registered Volunteer Snow Buster, all volunteers must first have a valid criminal and vulnerable persons record check. Devon FCSS staff are available to assist prospective volunteers with obtaining these checks if needed at no charge.

Successful volunteers will be added to a mailing list and when a request for snow removal is received, an email will be sent out to the list for volunteers to respond directly to the client when they are available.

Be a Neighbourly Volunteer Snow Buster
Don’t want to register, but still want to lend a hand? Then become a Neighbourly Volunteer Snow Buster! If someone in the neighbourhood needs a helping hand, be neighbourly like Buster and with their permission, just go ahead and shovel their sidewalk and/or driveway.

Those interested in becoming a Snow Buster or registering to become a client can call 780-987-8308 or email

Devon FCSS is looking for Lawn Buddy volunteers!

The Lawn Buddy Program 

Devon FCSS is pleased to introduce the new face of their summer lawn & yard volunteer program, Lawn Buddy, to encourage residents to volunteer their time!

  • Volunteers will assist seniors, those with disabilities, and anyone else who needs extra help with lawn mowing and yard work throughout the summer.
  • There is no minimum time commitment to volunteer as a lawn buddy and anyone can participate either by officially registering as a lawn buddy or by just being neighbourly and looking out for people who may need an extra hand with their yard. 

Register to be a lawn buddy

To register as a lawn buddy, residents must complete a criminal record check. Devon FCSS staff are available to help volunteers with their criminal record check at no charge.

Once the check is complete, volunteers will be added to a mailing list and be notified when there are requests for help. Volunteers will be able to contact those in need directly to discuss details of each project.

Those interested in being a lawn buddy or registering to become a client can call 780-987-8308 or email

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