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Six Word Stories

Six-Word Stories 2024

Get those creative brain cells going - write a story on any topic and tell us in six words. 

  • Winners for each age-group: 7-9, 10-12, 13-17 and 18+ will receive a $25 gift card.
  • You choose your story focus.
  • All entries will be entered to win one of five $10 gift cards.
  • One submission per person. 
  • Must be clearly labeled with your name and age category. 
  • Entries will be published in various print and social media outlets. 
  • Must be original content and authors' to share.
  • Open to Devon residents / anyone who accesses Devon as their town. 
  • The Town of Devon reserves the right to refuse to publilsh.

All entries due by 11:59pm on Friday, May 24, 2024. Sent to

Winners and other entries will be shared from Friday, May 31.

Six-Word Stories 2023 - All Entries

Congratulations to all the winners and thank-you to all the entrants. This was a great turn out for our first competition - Devon really has some talented individuals. See you for 2024!

Age 18+ Category



Laura B (Winner)

The view made him exhale deeply.

Nancy P (First)

Sorrowful skies sigh, dampening fire's mischief.

Amanda B (Second)

Bewildered, she drew her first breath.

Chantelle D (Third)

Taught. By experience, she feels alive.

Jennifer F

Weary - winter wanes. Silent - spring stirs.

Debra W

Please don't judge, until you understand

Nicole V

Wandering the river trails with wonder.

Hailey B

Counting down the days till summer 

Cindy C

Lesson learned.  Heart still beating.  Undaunted.


Overtime, knuckle biter, belief, relief, breathe!


Wildfires, panic, desperation.  Resignation. Compassion.  Resurgence!

Christine W

Dogs make my heart whole everyday!

Chelsea Q

She held me in her arms.

Samantha G 

Nature nurtures even in the rain.

Helen C

Brain! A mind of its own.

Dana K

Best friend, Always happy, Tail wagging.


Age 13-17 Category



Emmitt B (Winner)

Life, something to cherish, endlessly eternal.

Joachim B (First)

Well that was tragic, how ironic.

Susanna B (Second)

The huge figure loomed over them.

Amelia H (Third)

She shoots, Crowd roars, Perfect score!.


Age 10-12 Category



Solana B (Winner)

Made it far, searched for more.

Elena F (First)

Art, a passion inside, so explore.

Rohan W (Second)

Out of everyone, I choose you.

Serenity C (Third)

We drifted apart as we flew.

Caleb D

What brings distraction brings new life.

Hailey K

Nature burns down, but life returns.,

Jacob G

Dad is gone but not forgotten.

Allie L

Soar up high like a butterfly

Allaina B

Never forget me, ill miss you.


I hope you treat me right.


Why did you forget me, why?


Please never forget what we had.


I hope you don’t forget me.


Hope you know I love you.


Burn trees fall down, bye forests.

Abrianna B

Cheerleading = Starting a family of girls.

Ryan B

I love my mom so much.


The world was born, we lived.


Don’t let anyone steal your joy.

Brooklyn B

I love nature and fun adventuring.

Quinn M

Dreams are creative and your personality.

Maximum S

Kokum tells good stories a lot.

Caleb A

The Oilers are my favourite team.

Jasper C

I ate a crunchy, hard croissant.

Luciana D

Life is full of lots adventures.

Tessa C

My family is my whole life.

Shaelyn B

Rocks skipping against the glittering seas.

Cruz G

Don’t give expecting a reward back.

Liam H

Live in the moment, no past.

Connor H

I went to ski at Banff.

Sylar P

I am loved by my cats.

Kaci H

Basketball: fun sport, fun to try.

Rebecca A

Three friends, two sides, one story.

Shane C

Murder drones assassinate harmless worker drones.

Fern E

Majestic, skyborn creature, murders merciless hellhound.

Callie F

Blue genie appears and grants wishes.


Pilot trains to be a Jedi

Jeremia I

Steve defeats ender dragon in Minecraft.

Taylor K

Midnight flies, with sparks of magic.

Maeyer K

Lucky involuntarily auctions her mustang Spirit.

Rachel M

Version of truth or dare becomes extreme.

Ryan M

Logan Paul and Ksi made it.

Ivan M

Green machine hits bardowns like beddard.

Teagen S

Alberta wildfires are out of control.


Chihuahua gets kidnapped then reunited again!

Tristan W

Silly bull Ferdinand defeats matador harmlessly.

Qynn W

There is no good in evil.

Isabelle H

People who try, reach mountain tops.


Age 7-9 Category



Kali G (Winner)

Stand tall even if you're small.

Pauline H (First)

Dogs are cute, we love them".


Unplaced (no age provided, not enough words, too many words)



Dixie B (Special Mention)

I broke the chains I brought.

Adrianna B

Moonlight can heal you, let it.

Yvonne P

Always hold tight, love creates light 

Alana F

It may seem hopeless, keep going

Nathan B


Maria B

Bobby fell, oh well.

Timothy B

Hulk was furious, ‘Me smash’.

Caleb B

Steven came to our house and stole one watermelon.


Snow in mask, always at max.

Vince D

As darkness falls stars come out 



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