Planning and Development

Municipal Development Plan

The Devon Municipal Development Plan has been prepared as a framework to fulfill community goals, enhance community strengths, and address the challenges and issues relating to the future use and development of land in Devon. The plan informs the general public and private developers and landowners of the overall strategy for development in the community.  Bylaw 845/2012 was approved with technical amendments to MDP Bylaw 784-2006 and is available as a consolidated version.

Land Use Bylaw

The Land Use Bylaw of the Town of Devon, as amended, divides the town into land use districts, provides regulations for each district and outlines procedures for development of any parcel within the corporate limits of Devon.

Request for Compliance Certificate

Upon sale of a property, a lawyer, realtor or lending institution may require that you obtain a compliance certificate from the Town. A compliance certificate is a document provided by the Town stating whether or not the development on that parcel of land complies with the uses and regulations described in the Land Use Bylaw.

To request a compliance certificate, forward to the Town of Devon a Real Property Report (RPR) prepared by an Alberta Legal Surveyor that is less than six months old or with an Affidavit attached stating there have been no changes to the property.    Digital RPR files are encouraged; there is a charge of $75.00 for a Compliance Certificate. Please note that the Town of Devon does not require a compliance certificate; the lending agency, lawyer or realtor are the parties requiring this document.

Application for Development Permit, Building Permit and/or Business License

Before you may develop or build on a parcel of land in Devon, you are required (with certain exceptions as listed in the Land Use Bylaw, Schedule A, Section 1.5.2) to obtain a development permit, building permit, and if a business or home occupation, a business license. See Permits/Licenses.

Application for Home Occupation Permit

If you are planning to develop a home occupation, you will need to submit a different application form. See Permits/Licenses.

Application for Secondary Suite (Basement or Garage)

If you are planning to rent out your basement or garage as a secondary suite, please fill out the appropriate application below and submit it to our Planning and Development Officer at the Town Centre.

Application for Subdivision

The Council of the Town of Devon is the Subdivision Approval Authority within the corporate limits of the town. In order to subdivide a parcel of land and register a legal plan, you will be required to submit an Application for Subdivision to the Town. As this is fairly complex process, please contact the Development Officer.  The fees for a subdivision application are as outlined in the Subdivision Processing Policy.

For information on any of the above, please contact:

Marilyn McMartin, Development Officer
T: 780.987.8327 E: or F: 780.987.4778

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