Subdivision Processing Policy

If you plan to subdivide land in Devon, the procedure is as follows:

  • Application is made to the Town of Devon, Planning & Infrastructure Subdivision Application Form
  • The Subdivision Officer, Planning & Infrastructure, will check the application for completeness and within 3 working days of receipt will notify the applicant in writing of acceptance or rejection of the application, stating reasons if the application is rejected.
  • Where required, the application will be circulated for review and comment. Referral agencies will have 21 calendar days to provide a response on the application.
  • A site inspection and technical evaluation will be completed. A subdivision report and recommendation will be prepared for the review and final decision of the Subdivision Authority. The Town will endeavour to make a decision within 45 calendar days of acceptance of the application except where the Act stipulates a shorter time frame.
  • When the subdivision is approved, the applicant must comply with all of the conditions required by the Subdivision Authority prior to endorsement. Upon receipt of the final subdivision plan file(s), the Director of Planning & Infrastructure will circulate the plan file(s) to all of the Departments of the Town of Devon for their approval prior to submitting the plan for endorsement.
  • A designated officer of the Town shall endorse the affidavit accompanying the final subdivision plan file(s). Documents must be registered within 1 year of the date of endorsement. Should an extension be requested, the Director of Planning & Infrastructure has the discretion to extend the subdivision registration period up to an additional 1 year, if the time extension does not conflict with the terms of a development agreement for the same subdivision. Council will be notified of all extensions and refusal of extensions.

Subdivision Application Fees:

  • $700 per subdivision application, plus
  • $50 per lot or condominium unit
  • to a maximum fee of $3,000

For more information contact the municipal Development Officer by telephone 780-987-8327 or fax 780-987-4778.

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