2017 Devon Environmental Sustainability Awards

2017 Winners

(L to R) Councillor Stacey May, Holly Connors (Owner Kingsman Cleaning), Pat Nicol (Town of Devon receiving on behalf on Urban Whyte), Councillor Blake Adams, Andy Tchir (Town of Devon Environment and Sustainability Coordinator)

1st Place

Urban Whyte

Urban Whyte is a home décor company that creates specialized household items from materials that would otherwise go to waste.  At Urban Whyte, they use a variety of techniques to repurpose waste materials into new high-demand items. Not only does Urban Whyte do its part to reduce waste, they also host regular workshops to share the techniques used to repurpose various materials and encourage workshop attendees to use these same environmentally friendly practices in their homes.

2nd Place

Kingsman Cleaning

Kingsman Cleaning is a housekeeping service that goes the extra mile to do its part in taking care of the environment. At Kingsman Cleaning they use eco-friendly plant-based products to divert waste and ensure all recyclable materials and organics are dealt with in an appropriate way in all of the homes that they service.

Runner Ups

Snippers Inc.

Snippers Inc. is a local Devon Salon that recycles up to 95 per cent of the materials they use every day as part of the “Green Circle Salons“ system which focuses on waste diversion and removing chemicals from used water.

Heavens to Betsy

Heavens to Betsy is a local Devon gift store that actively recycles and promotes the buying of local reused and repurposed items.

Devon Total Fitness

Devon Total Fitness is a health and wellness fitness facility with its eye on environmental stewardship. They are currently transitioning to using a lighting system that has sensors to reduce power usage by only being on when client are present in the facility.

Chris's Computers

Chris’s Computers does their part by recycling and reusing parts for computer repair to divert electronic waste from landfills.

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The Devon Environmental Sustainability Award (DESA) program recognizes local businesses that are making an impact in our community. Big or small, tell us about your initiative and apply or nominate a business! The deadline is September 22, 2017.

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Recycle1st Place

  • $1500 Cash Prize
  • DESA plaque to display at your business
  • Media recognition
  • Nomination for an Alberta Emerald Award

2nd Place

  • $1000 Cash Prize
  • DESA certificate to display in your business
  • Media recognition




Eligibility for the DESA shall be granted to a company who staffs less than 100 employees, have been in business for over 12 months, have a registered business license in Devon and are located in Devon.

If a company has previously received a first place award, they may apply for the award again if they are applying with a new project OR if they are applying with the same project and have shown new innovation or positive improvement towards it.


  • Judging is completed by a panel of five judges and will consist of community members, Town of Devon Administration and members of Devon Town Council.
  • The average score will be calculated for each applicant based on the score given by the five judges.
  • The business with the best average score will receive first place and the business with the second best average score will receive second place.
Category Points
Environmental Benefits and Outcomes 30
Innovation 30
Commitment 20
Outreach 20
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