Devon Environmental Sustainability Award

A Business Incentive Program Entry Form

Devon Environmental Sustainability Award Form


  • Phone Number

  • Environmental Benefit and Outcomes:

    How does the project achieve environmental benefit and outcomes?
    (Ex. waste reduction, energy efficiency etc.)

    • How does the project reduce the environmental impact of operations?
    • How does this initiative benefit the environment?

  • Innovation

    In what ways is the project Innovative?

    • Describe the technology being used.
    • Is it a new technology/procedure or is it a new use of existing technology?
    • Has the project led the way for others, including members of the community?
    • Is it a research project that could influence public policy?

  • Commitment:

    How does the project demonstrate commitment?

    • What are the results of the project?
    • Did the project overcome barriers and/or create new learning's for your business?
    • How long did the project take to complete?

  • Outreach:

    How does the project incorporate sharing?

    • Have you communicated your work within the public, other businesses, displayed leadership?
    • Have you created cross-sectoral partnerships with other industries, government, the community?
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