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Collection Schedules

Roadside cart

2019 Collection Schedule

Please note that organics collection is every other week during the winter months

When is my collection day?

Collection starts at 7:00 am so your carts and blue bags must in place by then.  If you are late, your carts may not be emptied that week. 

A-Z Detailed sorting list of waste

For information about the best way to dispose of any household item including hazardous waste or e-waste.

Fall 2018 Large Item Pickup & Treasure Hunt Schedule


Black Knot

Keeping Devon Black Knot Free

Each year Devon Peace Officers and Parks staff do their part to ensure the Black Knot disease is controlled across Devon.

What is Black Knot?

Black Knot is a very common disease that affects a number of plants and trees. It is highly infectious, spreading rapidly and can eventually lead to the death of the infected plant or tree.

How do I know if I have Black Knot on my trees?

Black Knot is distinguished by the black, tar-like swellings that develop on the branches of the infected plant or tree.

Who do I call to report any Black Knot sightings around Devon?

You can call our Peace Officers at 780-987-3440 to report any Black Knot sightings or let us know on the "Our Devon" App, available on your mobile device. Learn more about our app here!.

What is Devon doing about Black Knot?

Each year, Devon’s Parks department spends about close to 100 hours of labour pruning trees deemed “at risk” for developing Black Knot. Over the past few years, all of the seriously infected trees across Devon have been removed and replaced with a different tree with a much lower risk of being infected by Black Knot. Devon Peace Officers plan to continue to work with the community to identify private properties that are affected by Black Knot and educate them about the dangers of not dealing with infected plants or trees. Orders to remedy will be issued to property owners that choose not to deal with infected plants or trees on their property after the town provides them the opportunity to do so.

What can I do to help control Black Knot?

For more information about Black Knot, including what you can do to help control it, go to the Ministry of Agriculture’s website.

Black Knot


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Blue Bag Recycling

Preparing your recyclables

  • Place material loose in the blue bag
  • Break down all boxes so they are flat
  • Cut up larger boxes
  • Rinse all plastic and tin materials
  • Fold tin can lids inside the can if the lid is still attached, or place detached lids inside the can. Never recycle a loose, sharp lid because of the safety risk to sorting staff
  • Remove lids from plastic containers, rinse and recycle container
  • Remove covers from books


Recyclable Materials

  • Tin/aluminum cans and plates
  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Rigid Plastic Containers (#1 & #2)

Non-glass drink containers

  • Beer cans*
  • Juice bottles (plastic)*
  • Juice boxes*
  • Milk cartons*
  • Milk jugs*
  • Pop bottles (plastic)*
  • Pop cans*
  • Tetra-pak food/drink containers*
  • Water bottles*

*  also refundable at bottle depot

Glass containers are not blue bag recyclable. 
Glass drinking containers (pop, juice or beer bottles) can be returned to the bottle depot for a small refund.

For a detailed sorting list A - Z click here


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Curbside Cart Collection and Recycling

Curbside Placement Video

Cart Storage Around The Home Video


Participating is easy

Your kitchen container, organics cart and waste cart are all you need to participate in the curbside cart collection program.

  1. Sort your recyclables into a blue bag
  2. Sort your organics from the kitchen/house into the kitchen container, then into the green organics cart, and from the yard directly into the organics cart.
  3. Sort your remaining waste – which won’t be much – into the black waste cart.
  4. On collection day, set out the carts and recyclables before 7 am.

Click here for curbside collection information brochure

What materials are included?

  • Organics – All food and yard waste, and many items made from natural materials

  • Recyclables – Rigid plastic containers, tin/aluminum cans, non-soiled paper and cardboard

  • Waste – Any household items that aren’t organic or can’t be recycled. Never put household hazardous wate or e-waste into your carts. Safely dispose of them at the Devon Recycle Depot.

Please note the brown bag service is only available during the week after the Spring & Fall Large Item Pick Up. Excess grass clippings can be taken to the Devon Recycle Depot free of charge. 

Organics waste carts will be picked up every week May through to the end of October. In November to the end of April organics collection is bi-weekly.



Please put waste in a bag, and then put the bag in your waste cart.  Your cart may not be emptied if waste is loose in the cart.

Close Lid


Make sure the lids are closed tight on your carts. This is to prevent litter and odours. If the lids are open, the carts may not be emptied.



If you have questions about the best way to dispose of any household item including hazardous waste or e-waste, check out the A – Z listing

Facts about your carts

  • Waste CartsCarts and kitchen catchers stay with the home where they are delivered and should never leave that address

  • Carts should not be modified in any way, including adding a lock

  • Replace damaged or stolen carts by calling 780-987-3342

  • The carts can hold the equivalent of 3 - 4 bags of material

Damaged Cart or Missed Pick up

If you are having issues with a missed pick up please ensure you are placing your carts in the appropriate place with 1 meter between them. If this does not resolve your concerns or you have a damaged cart, let us know by clicking on the links below.

Damaged garbage bins

Missed pick up or collection concerns


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Curbside Cart Placement

Cart Placement

The automated collection system makes curbside service efficient and cost effective when carts are placed properly for pickup.  Please place both carts and blue bags at the curb or back alley by 7am on your collection day.

Follow the directions below to ensure your carts are positioned for pickup. Consider these tips if you're struggling to find room at the curb for your carts.

Front street collection

Cart Placement















Place your carts on the street either in front of the sidewalk or in front of your driveway. The wheels must be touching the edge of the gutter with the cart facing forward, away from your home.

  • Place the carts one metre apart from each other, the blue bags and parked vehicles

  • Place your blue bags on the boulevard or street one metre outside or behind (not between) the carts

  • Keep your vehicle one metre away from the carts or blue bags on collection day

  • Ensure branches, fences, utility lines, etc. are one metre away from, or above, the cart

Back lane collection

Cart Placement

  • Place your carts at the edge of the lane on the driveway or parking pad with blue bags one metre away from the carts

  • As with front- street collection, keep one metre clear on all sides of the carts, and above them


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Devon Recycle Depot

Recycle Depot Address

20 Haven Avenue (behind the IGA and Community Centre).

Phone: 780-987-5086

Recycle Depot Hours

  • Mondays, Fridays & Saturdays - 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
  • Wednesdays - 4 - 7 p.m.
  • Closed on all statutory holidays

The recycle depot averages 11,000 visitors each year. In general, recyclable items can be dropped off at no charge, however there is a charge for drop off of garbage.

Click here for our Recycle Depot information brochure

*Note - There is a maximum number of 3 blue bags accepted per visit*

Recycle Fees

Click here for our list of accepted and not accepted items at the Recycle Depot


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Fats, Oil and Grease: Store It, Don't Pour It!

What you pour down your sink can "drain" your bank account. Fats, oils, and grease can cause sewer backups by blocking the main sewer lines as well as those on private property, causing expensive property damage. Like the City of Edmonton, The Town of Devon is asking our residents to "store it, don't pour it!".

Please store fats and grease in disposable containers with lids. The containers can then be placed in the garbage. Used cooking oil should be cooled and put into a covered plastic bottle, labeled and also put out for garbage collection. Residents who are disposing of more than one litre of used cooking oil must take it to the Devon Recycling Depot. If you are disposing of less than a litre of cooking oil, it can be disposed of in your organics cart.

More Information

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Grass Cycling


Leave It On Your Lawn

Simply leave the grass clippings on your lawn as you mow. As they decompose, they will provide water and nutrients to your lawn.

  • Mow frequently, about every 4 to 5 days during spring/summer. When growth is slower (late summer and fall), cutting once per week or less will suffice.

  • Mow high.  Only cut off the top 1/3 of the grass.  No more than 1/3 of the grass height should be cut at any one time.

  • Mow only when grass is dry. If grass is too long after prolonged wet weather, start with a higher cut and gradually lower it during successive cuttings.

  • Clumping may result from cutting wet grass or making too long a cut. Mowing the area again from a different direction will help dissipate the clump.

Go Bagless!  No Special Equipment Required

Use any mower to grasscycle. You just need to 'Go Bagless' by removing your grass bag.

  • Keep the blade sharp. 

  • Keep your lawn mower blade at a medium to high height setting to avoid over cutting the grass.

Brown Bags

If you prefer to bag your grass clippings, brown bags are accepted at the Recycling Depot. 

Helpful Lawn Care Tips

Grasscycling is part of maintaining a healthy lawn.

  • Rake the lawn during spring yard cleanup to remove dead grass.

  • Aerate the lawn periodically to allow nutrients, air and water to reach the grass roots.

  • Adequately water the lawn. Single deep waterings (25 mm once every 7 - 10 days) are more effective and less wasteful than many light waterings.



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OrganicsOrganics Cart Content & Care

Sorting your organics material into your green cart will help our community achieve the 65 per cent waste diversion target. Reduce odours in your organic cart by rinsing it weekly.  You can layer newspaper, soiled cardboard, or leaves to help absorb moisture.  Sprinkling a small amount of baking soda or powdered lime can also help prevent odours.

Wonder what happens to your organics after pick up?

Your organic material is taken to an organics processing facility and converted into high quality compost for agriculture and other environmental uses.

To bag or not to bag?

It is best to place your organics loose in the cart. The only exception is pet waste, which must be bagged in an approved 100 per cent compostable bag.

Approved bags

The only approved bags are see-through 100 per cent compostable, marked by the manufacturer with both the U.S. and Canadian compostable logos. Residents can also use brown paper compostable bags in their green bins.

Note: No plastic bags, including thin grocery produce bags, can be put into the organics cart.

If you have any questions regarding disposal of any household item, check out the A - Z listing


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Tree Branches & Shrub Disposal

Tree parts, shrubs and brush are accepted at the town yard, located at 10 Exploration Drive in the Devon Industrial Park.

Disposal is year-round and free of charge. Diseased trees with Black Knot or Dutch Elm disease are also accepted.

Town Yard - Summer HoursMay 1 to September 1

Monday - Saturday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm
Sunday closed

Town Yard - Winter Hours:  September 2 to April 30 
Monday - Friday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm
Saturday and Sunday closed

Brown bags: please note, the town yard does not accept grass clippings, leaves, brown bags or construction wood of any kind. Please take them to the Recycle Depot.

For questions regarding wood waste disposal, contact Planning & Infrastructure at 780-987-3342, Monday - Friday 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

After Hours or When Gates are Closed

Use the drop-off area on the south side of the Town Yard for tree branches and shrubs.


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