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Collection Schedules

Roadside cart

2019 Collection Schedule

Please note that organics collection is every other week during the winter months

When is my collection day?

Collection starts at 7:00 am so your carts and blue bags must in place by then.  If you are late, your carts may not be emptied that week. 

A-Z Detailed sorting list of waste

For information about the best way to dispose of any household item including hazardous waste or e-waste.

Fall 2018 Large Item Pickup & Treasure Hunt Schedule



Blue Bag Recycling

Preparing your recyclables

  • Place material loose in the blue bag
  • Break down all boxes so they are flat
  • Cut up larger boxes
  • Rinse all plastic and tin materials
  • Fold tin can lids inside the can if the lid is still attached, or place detached lids inside the can. Never recycle a loose, sharp lid because of the safety risk to sorting staff
  • Remove lids from plastic containers, rinse and recycle container
  • Remove covers from books


Recyclable Materials

  • Tin/aluminum cans and plates
  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Rigid Plastic Containers (#1 & #2)

Non-glass drink containers

  • Beer cans*
  • Juice bottles (plastic)*
  • Juice boxes*
  • Milk cartons*
  • Milk jugs*
  • Pop bottles (plastic)*
  • Pop cans*
  • Tetra-pak food/drink containers*
  • Water bottles*

*  also refundable at bottle depot

Glass containers are not blue bag recyclable. 
Glass drinking containers (pop, juice or beer bottles) can be returned to the bottle depot for a small refund.

For a detailed sorting list A - Z click here

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