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Collection Schedules

Roadside cart

2019 Collection Schedule

Please note that organics collection is every other week during the winter months

When is my collection day?

Collection starts at 7:00 am so your carts and blue bags must in place by then.  If you are late, your carts may not be emptied that week. 

A-Z Detailed sorting list of waste

For information about the best way to dispose of any household item including hazardous waste or e-waste.

Fall 2018 Large Item Pickup & Treasure Hunt Schedule



Curbside Cart Collection and Recycling

Curbside Placement Video

Cart Storage Around The Home Video


Participating is easy

Your kitchen container, organics cart and waste cart are all you need to participate in the curbside cart collection program.

  1. Sort your recyclables into a blue bag
  2. Sort your organics from the kitchen/house into the kitchen container, then into the green organics cart, and from the yard directly into the organics cart.
  3. Sort your remaining waste – which won’t be much – into the black waste cart.
  4. On collection day, set out the carts and recyclables before 7 am.

Click here for curbside collection information brochure

What materials are included?

  • Organics – All food and yard waste, and many items made from natural materials

  • Recyclables – Rigid plastic containers, tin/aluminum cans, non-soiled paper and cardboard

  • Waste – Any household items that aren’t organic or can’t be recycled. Never put household hazardous wate or e-waste into your carts. Safely dispose of them at the Devon Recycle Depot.

Please note the brown bag service is only available during the week after the Spring & Fall Large Item Pick Up. Excess grass clippings can be taken to the Devon Recycle Depot free of charge. 

Organics waste carts will be picked up every week May through to the end of October. In November to the end of April organics collection is bi-weekly.



Please put waste in a bag, and then put the bag in your waste cart.  Your cart may not be emptied if waste is loose in the cart.

Close Lid


Make sure the lids are closed tight on your carts. This is to prevent litter and odours. If the lids are open, the carts may not be emptied.



If you have questions about the best way to dispose of any household item including hazardous waste or e-waste, check out the A – Z listing

Facts about your carts

  • Waste CartsCarts and kitchen catchers stay with the home where they are delivered and should never leave that address

  • Carts should not be modified in any way, including adding a lock

  • Replace damaged or stolen carts by calling 780-987-3342

  • The carts can hold the equivalent of 3 - 4 bags of material

Damaged Cart or Missed Pick up

If you are having issues with a missed pick up please ensure you are placing your carts in the appropriate place with 1 meter between them. If this does not resolve your concerns or you have a damaged cart, let us know by clicking on the links below.

Damaged garbage bins

Missed pick up or collection concerns

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