Snow removal to continue Jan. 18-24
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Snow removal to continue Jan. 18-24

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Update - Friday, Jan. 21

We are in the home stretch of our removal with only a couple streets left to wrap up this coming Monday, Jan. 24 including:

  • River Drive
  • Pidgeon Street
  • Derrick Drive

Thank you again to everyone for your patience as we finish clearing.


Update -  Monday, Jan. 17

Due to the unfriendly weather, our contracted snow hauling services were unable to make it out to Devon for today's scheduled removal. We have made arrangements to move today's removal to Friday, Jan. 21 and we hope to be able to proceed with the rest of the weeks plan as intended.

Our crews have been out all day doing their best to keep our roads safe while also windrowing where possible to expedite the rest of the snow removal process.

Thank you all for your patience as we work to navigate these challenges and wrap up this round of snow removal.

Maps and info has been updated below.


Original Post - Jan. 6

With the cold snap finally coming to an end at least for a little while, Town-wide snow removal has been scheduled on arterial and collector roads on Jan. 10 & 11 followed by residential streets from Jan. 12-19 (weekdays only).

See the attached maps (bottom of page) for the scheduled removal locations for each day and please have your vehicles moved from the planned streets so we can have the snow removed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Residents with a curb ramp device are asked to kindly remove them when snow removal is planned in your area as they can cause damage to machinery.

Streets Planned by Date

Below is a list of the streets planned for removal each date between Jan. 10-21. Please note, these are subject to change due to weather or other factors and if a street is not completed on its scheduled date it will be added to a later date.

Monday, Jan. 10, 2022

  • Downtown Core
  • Erie Street
  • Huron Street
  • Superior Street
  • South stretch of Saskatchewan Avenue
  • Miquelon Avenue
  • Michigan Street south of St. Lawrence Avenue
  • Oakland Boulevard
  • Highwood Boulevard
  • Erie Street South

Tuesday, Jan. 11, 2022

  • Devon Industrial Park
  • Saskatchewan Avenue
  • Athabasca Drive & Avenue
  • Jasper Court South
  • St. Clair Street
  • St. Lawrence Avenue
  • Ontario Street

Wednesday, Jan. 12, 2022

  • Highwood Drive
  • Oakland Crescent
  • Oakland Drive
  • Kananaskis Drive
  • The Ravines

Thursday, Jan. 13, 2022

  • Birchwood Drive
  • Rideau Street
  • Ontario Crescent
  • Imperial Court

Friday, Jan. 14, 2022

  • Huron Street South
  • Wild Hay Drive
  • Huron Avenue
  • Fairfax Drive
  • Wilson Drive
  • Gold Eye Drive
  • Pipestone Drive

Tuesday, Jan. 18, 2022

  • Devonian Crescent
  • Brazeau Drive
  • Elbow Drive
  • Blackstone Crescent
  • Peace River Drive

Wednesday, Jan. 19, 2022

  • Kawartha Street
  • Muskoka Street
  • Moraine Street
  • Sylvan Street
  • Pembina Street
  • Jasper Court East & West
  • Columbia Avenue East
  • Kootenay Avenue
  • Banff Court East
  • Beaver Crescent
  • Berland Crescent
  • Thompson Crescent

Thursday, Jan. 20, 2022

  • Haven Avenue
  • Haven Crescent
  • Banff Court West
  • Imperial Crescent
  • Banff Court South
  • Wapiti Drive
  • Primrose Street
  • Maligne Drive
  • Astoria Way
  • South Ravines Drive
  • Astoria Place
  • Astoria Crescent

Friday, Jan. 21, 2022

  • Simonette Crescent
  • Bow Crescent
  • Pipestone Crescent
  • North Ram Crescent
  • South Ram Crescent
  • Chungo Crescent
  • Michigan Key
  • Highwood Bay
  • Highwood Close
  • Highwood Crescent
  • Oakland Close
  • Kananaskis Bay
  • Kananaskis Green
  • Kananaskis Way
  • Kananaskis Place
  • Kananaskis Close
  • Oakland Place
  • Oakland Court

Monday, Jan. 24, 2022

  • River Drive
  • Pidgeon Street
  • Derrick Drive



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