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Property Assessments

What is Market Value Assessment?

Market value, as defined in the Municipal Government Act 1(n), means the amount that a property might be expected to realize if it is sold on the open market by a willing seller to a willing buyer. Market value assessments are done using mass appraisal techniques, which determines property values by grouping similar properties as of a specific date.

The purpose of assessment is not to reflect a single sale price, but to assess all properties at typical market value on the same valuation date, so that taxation is fairly and uniformly shared.

The Capital Region Assessment Services Commission (CRASC) is the Town appointed Assessor. An annual assessment is prepared for each property. Each year all property values are updated to reflect market value as of July 1st of the previous year. The new assessed values will be used to determine how much municipal and school taxes each property owner pays.

If you wish to file an official complaint regarding your assessment please complete this form or visit Return the form to: Town of Devon, #1 Columbia Avenue West, Devon, AB T9G 1A1.

Devon Online Assessment Information

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Assessment Rolls

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What is Taxation?

Annually, Town Council sets the municipal tax rate, also known as the “mill-rate”, to fund the tax requirements needed to provide the services approved through the adoption of the annual operating capital budgets.

The annual property tax levies are based on the assessed value multiplied by the mill-rate.

The following chart illustrates the amount of taxes a property valued at $300,000 would pay in 2023:

Residential Property
Type of Taxes Tax Rates Taxes
School 0.00248900 $746.70
Municipal 0.00654910 $ 1,964.73
Leduc Foundation 0.00002590 $7.77
TOTAL 0.00906400 $2719.20


Non-Residential Property
Type of Taxes Tax Rates Taxes
Municipal Purposes 0.00958680 $2876.04
School Requisition 0.00372200 $1,116.60
Leduc Foundation 0.00002590 $7.77
DIP Requisition 0.00007460 $22.38
TOTAL 0.01340930 $4022.79 


The taxation year runs from January 1 to December 31 each year. Assessments are generally mailed out mid-March. If you wish to appeal your assessment it must be done before the date indicated on the assessment notice or tax notice. The Levies are mailed out the end of May and payments are the last working day of June.

For tax payment options, click here.

What is a Supplemental Assessment?

For properties under construction, the assessed value shown on the assessment notice will reflect the percentage of completion as of December 31st of the previous year. Upon completion and once the property is occupied a combined supplementary assessment and tax notice will be mailed.

The supplementary assessment is the new total assessment less the previous assessment used for calculating the annual tax levy. The supplementary assessment will be pro-rated based on the number of months that the improvement has been completed or occupied. The pro-rated supplementary property assessment is used to calculate the property tax levy.

Supplemental assessments are mailed out October 30 and payments are due December 31.

2019 Supplementary Tax Bylaw

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