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WTP Lead Management Plan

The Town of Devon is currently developing a Lead Management Plan and as such will be participating in a lead sampling program from August-October 2021.


The Town of Devon operates a robust water treatment plant with strict water quality parameters regulated by the Alberta government. Our water is tested by an independent lab for parameters that include lead.

The water plant produces water with no significant levels of lead as it leaves the plant. Nationally, there have been concerns about lead levels that could be found at the customer’s tap through lead piping or fixtures. This is why Health Canada released their new Maximum Acceptable Concentration for lead in drinking water as 5 ug/l (.005 mg/l) from the previous 10 ug/l (0.01 mg/l) in March of  2019. The other big change is that this maximum level is now at the customer’s tap and not to the customer’s service line.

Do I need to worry about lead in my water?

Water is practically free from lead as it leaves the water plant but it has the potential to pick up lead from lead pipes and plumbing fixtures. The biggest contributor of  lead leaching into the water and the areas of highest concern are older areas (pre 1950) of residential construction with lead service lines (pipes).

The Town of Devon is not aware of any lead service lines on the public (town) side. The other section of the service line is on the private (homeowner) side. As far as the town knows there are no records of lead lines on the private side but data will be collected over the course of the study period to confirm.

How is my water protected?

Our drinking water is protected from corrosion by ensuring the pH is roughly 8. This pH coupled with a moderate amount of natural alkalinity helps to inhibit any leaching activity. This helps to control lead levels.

I’m still concerned about water quality. What can I do?

Ensuring good water quality at the tap means running the water you use to drink and cook with until the water is cold. This ensures your water is fresh. The water needs to spend approximately 6 hours in a lead line before lead is able to leach into the water.

If you are still concerned about water quality, a certified NSF -53 filter (International standard for lead removal) can be used as a Point of Use filter on the water tap itself or in a water pitcher. These can usually be found at the local grocery store or hardware store. If you use an under-the-counter water filter or a fridge water-dispenser, ensure the filters are NSF-53 certified.

Ensure filters are changed as per manufacturer’s instructions.

How can I get my water tested?

There are many accredited environmental laboratories in Edmonton that can perform water testing for lead. Contact us if you have questions.

Additional Resources

For information on the potential hazards of lead in drinking water here is a link to Health Canada’s publication “What About Lead”

For a list of Questions and Answers about lead in drinking water here is a link to Alberta Health’s “Common Questions about Lead and Drinking Water”

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The best way to contact the Water Treatment Plant is via email. If this is not an option, please call the number below and leave a message with contact information and someone from the plant will get back to you within 48 hours.

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