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Virtual Summer Shack

Devon’s Summer Shack is moving online! On Tuesdays and Thursdays, crafts and activities will be posted online to bring you all the fun of Summer Shack from the comfort and safety of your own home. You can find instructional how-to videos on our Instagram (@townofdevon) and Facebook page (Town of Devon, Alberta, Canada).

Please see below for the materials required for this month’s crafts. Any registered programming can be registered through devon.recdesk.com.

Summer Shack

Virtual Summer Shack Videos

To see more, check out our Town of Devon YouTube Channel

Summer Shack - Make Your Own Rain Stick


Get ready to celebrate Indigenous Peoples Week by creating your own fun instrument. Rain stick are great musical instruments, or just a calming sound to enjoy! Materials required: Cardboard tube (toilet paper roll, paper towel roll, gift wrap roll cut in half), markers, scissors, glue, elastics, coloured paper, and dry goods (uncooked rice, lentils, etc.). 

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Summer Shack - Coffee Filter Rainbows


Celebrate Devon Pride Week by making your own rainbow using markers, water, and a bit of science! These look great hanging in the sun, or on your window. Materials required: Scissors, markers, glue, coffee filters, googly eyes (optional) 

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Summer Shack - Pride Bracelets


Celebrate Devon Pride Week by making your own rainbow Pride bracelet! Register for “Pride Week Activity Kit” on devon.recdesk.com before June 8th to get the materials needed for this craft, or follow along with your own rainbow-themed embroidery floss. Materials required: Pride Week Activity Kit from devon.recdesk.com; OR red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple embroidery floss. 

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Summer Shack - Send a Hug Craft


This year, we have to celebrate Senior’s Week a little differently. For this craft, we will be sending hugs to our loved one by putting our own personal touch on envelopes! Materials required: Envelope (A4 size or standard, depending on your preference), markers, scissors, glue, and coloured paper. 

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Summer Shack - Handflower Flower Pot


The only thing better than a fresh bouquet of flowers is a bouquet of flowers that lasts forever! With this craft, we’ll be putting a personal touch on a flower pot drawing for our loved ones. Materials required: Scissors, coloured paper, glue, markers, beads and/or gems (optional). 

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Summer Shack - Make your own Dreamcatcher


Celebrate Indigenous Peoples Week by creating your own dreamcatcher! 

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Summer Shack - DIY Enviroscape


Celebrate Parks and Recreation week by conducting a science experiment in your own home! This enviro-scape gives you the chance to witness what impacts our watershed in Devon and how we can protect it. Materials required: Scissors, markers, glue, paper, sponge, fake trees (optional) 

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Summer Shack - Flattening Leaves Craft


Celebrate Parks and Recreation week by collecting some of the nature we see everyday then preserve your findings as a keepsake! Remember to pick up leaves and flower petals off the ground so we’re not picking them from their homes on trees and stems! Materials required: Scissors, wax paper, iron, leaves/petals/etc. 

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Summer Shack - Canada Day Windsocks


Prepare your home for Canada Day with this simple Canada Day windsock craft! Grab a cup or can then customize it with your Canadian pride to display just in time for July 1st. Materials required: Can or cup, ribbons or streamers, white and red paint OR white and red paper, scissors, glue, markers 

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Summer Shack - Egg Carton Animals


Recycle those empty egg cartons into cute animals! With some markers and imagination, turn your egg cartons into turtles, snakes, and frogs. Materials required: Markers, scissors, glue, egg carton, pipe cleaners, googly eyes (optional) 

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Summer Shack - Hanging Flower Pot


Plant some seeds in a fun and unique way that helps our environment! Find an empty bottle, add some string and you’ll have a new hanging flower plant to watch your seeds grow in. Materials required: Scissors, empty bottle, string, gardening dirt, seeds 

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Summer Shack - Newspaper Flowers & Swords


We all have leftover newspapers in our home! Here is a way to recycle and have fun doing it by either creating some big, beautiful flowers or some newspaper swords that give you all the fun without the danger of poking someone’s eye out! Materials required: Scissors, markers, glue, newspaper, cardboard, tape 

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Summer Shack - Mini Catapults


Step back into medieval times by constructing your own mii catapult! Take down your enemies…or just play with your cat. Materials required: Register for “Summer Shack Catapult” on devon.recdesk.com 

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Summer Shack - Birdfeeder


Let's get crafty and make a few flying friends for wildlife week! Materials required: Scissors, markers, glue, 2L bottle, string, pencil, bird feed, craft knife 

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Summer Shack - Pop Tab Bracelets


Join us in making some neat jewelry with recycled materials! For this craft, all you’ll need are some poptabs, ribbon, and a pair of scissors. Get creative and experiment with painting your poptabs before you turn them into the bracelet and changing up ribbon colours! 

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Summer Shack - DIY Windchimes


Grab some leaves and other items around the home to make your own nature-inspired windchimes! Materials required: mason jar ring lids, wax paper, flower petals, iron, twig, string and rope, scissors. 

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Summer Shack - DIY Mazebox


Grab a box, a ping pong ball, some glue and...everything else! Connect with your creative side and see just how tricky you can make your own ball maze using only recyclable or reused material. Materials required: medium-sized cardboard box, scissors, glue, ping pong ball (or other small-sized ball/tinfoil). 

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